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Chapter 2 Releases Today!!

Chapter 2 is coming out TODAY, Monday March 4th! Don’t miss out and sign up for my newsletter to get the chapters mailed to you for free!

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Chapter 1 was a big hit so don't miss out!! Once all the chapters release, the story will be published as a novella with bonus content. Tentative release date of July 2019.

Scroll below for a taste of Chapter 1. I'll be back soon with another chapter and more life news!

Here's a taste...

Chapter 1


His dick slams me from behind, rough, hard, and oh so fucking good. I can’t process it. He’s in me, filling me to the brim. Stretching me, hitting parts of me I didn’t even know could be hit.

It’s wrong.

So wrong.

Yet it’s so fucking good.

I moan like an animal, shocked at the noises coming from me. My hand springs to my mouth but it’s no use. The sounds can’t be stifled.

This bathroom is dirty as fuck, the gas station the only one for miles. Ammonia and a slight bleach smell is an instant turn off but somehow it disappeared. All I can see and smell is him. Needing to pee, he followed me in here, trapping me with his hot stare, his intensity, his musky scent filling my nostrils and taking over my senses.

The scene around us falls away when we finally give in to what we’ve both been wanting for a long time. What we’ve ignored and pushed away.

I told myself I’d never do this. Yet here I am. Fucking against a nasty bathroom wall, having the best sex of my life. We’ve tiptoed around this for way too long.

Our forbidden attraction. Our lust brewing between us.

He thrusts deep, his cock pushing ever deeper inside me with each thrust upward. My legs tremble and I squeeze them tighter around his waist, his strong hands holding me from underneath.

He keeps my ample body up in the air as he pounds my pussy against the wall. My head hits the tile again and again, but I don’t fucking care. He could crack my skull open and I’d still chase this orgasm. His cock is all I can feel, my entire body in a rhythmic trance.

Sweat pours down his face onto his shirt and I lean forward, my arms tight around his neck, my tongue peeking out to lick his salty cheek. I slide my tongue alongside to his mouth, forcing my way in, making him open to me.

He responds, his mouth now open and accepting my tongue willingly, his tongue swirling with mine. As the kiss heats up, he thrusts harder and I swear the wall is going to crack. My back slides up and down the dirty tile, his fingers digging into my ass.

Fuck we’re loud. He groans with me, the fever of lust surrounding us, trapping us inside this little bubble we’ve created. My legs begin to shake, and I know I’m close.

“That’s it, ahh, cum on my cock, Lil. Cum with me.”

I cry out, “Holy shit fuck,” Some other words spew out, but it’s pure gibberish, my orgasm building higher and higher, my pussy feeling owned.

I see stars. I literally see stars. Black and white spots. Shitttt…

I also see his face.

His darker skin, his darker eyes.

His tattoo snaking up his chest, poking out of his shirt. The one I hate so much.

My eyes slam shut.

I cum hard, thousands of explosions pushing through me.

How in the fuck did this happen?

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