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It's Almost 2018!

Hey all!

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday week and getting to do whatever they love. I'm working most of it but there's always time for fun! Right? ;)

We all know it's the season for resolutions. I feel like every time I make resolutions, no matter what they are, I set myself up to fail just by calling them resolutions. Lol. Seriously, though. As soon as I turn my goals or plans into New Year's resolutions, they fly out the window.

So I'm trying something new this year.

I'm making goals.

I'm making plans.

But this time- they aren't resolutions but simply things for me to strive for.

Of course, eating better, exercising more, and taking care of myself are on my goal list (they pretty much are every year lol), but this time I have career goals.

My day job doesn't need goals per say, it's more problem solving type work.

But my being an author needs goals. And I've already set them.

I joined a Write 365 Days a Year club and set myself a daily goal. I have so many stories inside me, I need to get them out.

I'm going to blog more and reach out with snippets, works in progress, ideas, book shit in general, etc.

Right now I'm writing Love in Disguise (I'll be sharing a scene soon!). But I have some other stories planned I can't wait to share them. Soon I'll be sharing snippets of one I can't wait to tell you more about.

Goal Number 1- BLOG MORE! Yes! Time to work at this first goal.

What would you like to see more of on here?

What are some of your goals?

I'm here to talk whenever!

Oh and don't forget- House Rules is only 99 cents still until 12/30! So if you haven't grabbed it yet, now's the chance! Also FREE in KU!!

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