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Lies and more lies

The first sign was the throwing up. The endless stomach bug he seemed to have almost every week. He’d say he had stomach problems or it’s just a virus but as time went on I started wondering.

The first red flag should’ve been that he had no car but he told me he was working on it. Then he lost a job quickly after we started dating and never got another which was another sign I chose to ignore.

When your in a loveless marriage for so long and are ready to finally date, everything is so new and exciting. He was handsome and funny and he swept me away causing me to ignore all my warning signs.

Besides these issues, he wasn’t good with my kids and took everything so personal. He was super immature, defensive, and no self esteem. I felt like we were fighting constantly.

Isn’t there supposed to be a honeymoon stage? Cuz yah that didn’t happen.

Lastly there was the lack of sex life. Now he was able to do amazing foreplay some

of the best shit I’ve ever had but when it came to getting his dick hard, forget it. Limp as limp can be. Of course I take it as me at first which didn’t help the situation.

Two months into the relationship he disappeared. Like no calls nothing. Last I knew he had gone to the hospital for throwing up and then it was silent. After calling several hospitals I found him. Malnurioushment is what he claimed along with a stomach bug.

I accepted it.

Until he put my kids at risk and then, shit got real.

To be continued...

Hope you’re enjoying the story!



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