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Life! And did I mention dating again??

Hey hey!

Finally getting myself back into the author life. I'm so sorry I left for a bit. My personal life fell apart and it was one bump after another for most of 2018.

But I've dusted myself off and picked up most of the pieces and here I am in a better place, ready to take on 2019.

So as you all know, I am in the middle of a divorce. My ex is quite mentally ill which complicates things and brings in the safety of my children as the most importing aspect of everything. Between a restraining order and supervised visits with difficult in laws, I felt so overwhelmed. I escaped into books and TV ignoring as much as I could of the world around me. I focused on my children and keeping myself numb.

I decided to date after six months of being separated and wow dating is certainly different than when I was doing it 15 years ago. Tinder and Bumble are quite entertaining. And the amount of dick pics you's ridiculous. Most want to sext or meet to hook up which I never was one for even when younger. I talked to a few but didn't meet any. Got stood up by one.

Then I met Kyle. He seemed like a dream even though I ignored the warning signs flashing right in front of me. A new relationship, exciting and hot attraction after being ignored and unloved for so long had me rushing right into a relationship with him.

It wasn't until too late that I found out our whole relationship was based on lies.

I'll finish that story next time...stay tuned!

If you missed it, check out the Upcoming page HERE and find out about my new book coming out soon!

Oh and don't forget to read my quickie Christmas story HERE!



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