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Crashing Together

Crashing Together 2022 ebook.jpg

“What a little treasure Lyssa’s latest book is! I fell in love with Addi and Cole right from the start. The push and pull as they navigated their “arrangement” was intense and at times, heartbreaking. Such a wonderful read! Well done!"

Release Date: May 30, 2019

Genre: New Adult, Insta-Love, Summer Romance

His name was Cole and I couldn’t resist him. He was everything a girl could want in a summer fling. A hot, tanned, surfer with blonde hair and blue eyes... oh and all those muscles and the six-pack I couldn’t stop staring at.

We agreed to just sex. Lots of sex. Lots of fun. No titles, no relationship, and certainly no love.

Until the sex started to feel like something else.

Something more..
Something way more…

But for him?
It was still just sex.
Until it wasn’t.
Until everything we didn’t mean to build unraveled in a heap of secrets, lies, and broken trust.

We came crashing together but will our summer fling survive the waves?

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