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Bonus Epilogue- Rhett & Maia

Thank you so much reading Delicate. These two were so much fun to write and Rhett was the most caring, hero- beta hero vibes all the way! He heals Maia's heart in the best possible way. Enjoy your exclusive bonus epilogue of Rhett & Maia only available to my newsletter subscribers. 

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Bonus Epilogue


“She’s here! Finally!” Zoey yells as she opens the door and throws her arms around my neck. She practically knocks me over with the force and I laugh as I stumble backwards and Rhett catches both of us. He’s laughing too even with his eye roll and head shake. 
“Hi! I missed you too!” I squeeze her back and warmth fills me from head to toe. 
“It felt like you were driving for days and days!” Zoey whines as she leads us inside. 
“Did you forget I came with Maia?” Rhett asks and I snicker. Zoey hasn’t acknowledged him yet, her focus solely on me. While I think it’s adorable, I can’t say Rhett agrees. 
“Who said that?” Zoey pretends to look around like she can’t see Rhett standing right next to me. He plops our bags down on the floor in the foyer before rubbing his shoulder.
“You’re not funny.” Rhett retorts.
“Maia! You’re here!” Emily screeches as she comes running at me. She hugs me as tight as her sister did and I’m so full of love, I could pop like a balloon. “I can’t believe you’re here to stay and be my new sister.” She puts a hand over the side of her mouth and leans close, “Just between you and me,” she whispers, “I’m tired of the ones I have.” She leans back with a huge grin on her face and I can’t help but burst into laughter. Who knew sibling banter could be so entertaining?
“Another one who thinks she’s hilarious.” Rhett says.
“Oh stop being such a baby, bro.” Zoey claps him on the shoulder. “Mom hasn’t stopped cooking all day. Let’s go eat.”
My stomach rumbles at the mention of food. We drove straight through lunch to make it in time for dinner and I can’t wait for his mom’s cooking. 
“Now you’re speaking my language.” Rhett said and the four of us head to the kitchen.
“Rhett! Maia! So glad to see you both!” Rhett’s mom, Diane, says as soon as she sees us. She gives us each a hug and then hands us a plate of food. As usual, she has her Best Mom Ever apron on and she’s happily feeding anyone who steps inside her kitchen.
“Eat! You both must be starving.” She hands Emily and Zoey each a plate and we gather around the large kitchen island. “Ryan should be home soon.” Diane says as she lines up three plates and fills them with food. I’m assuming there’s one for Ryan, along with one for Roger, Rhett’s dad, and herself.
“Anyone else stopping by?” Rhett asks around a mouthful of mashed potatoes. I can’t help but giggle while his sisters roll their eyes and make faces at him. 
“Not tonight, sweetie. Melissa is busy finishing up her end of the school year teacher duties, Kate will be busy for the rest of summer with the tourist season, you know Brad and Chuck. Off in their own little world.”
“Did Mom tell you Brad got engaged?” Zoey asks.
Rhett’s head snaps up. “No. When? And to whom?”
“It was a few months ago but of course you know who. The same girl he’s dated since high school. I’m surprised he finally popped the question.” Zoey said and I chuckled. I love her honesty.
“Zoey,” Diane scolded. “Everyone has their own timeline.” She looks back at Rhett. “I’m sorry. I meant to tell you and totally forgot. The wedding isn’t anytime soon, don’t worry about it.”
“Move to California and get disowned from my own family. I see how it is.”
Emily and Zoey laugh way too loud. 
“That’s what happens.” Emily teases.
“Girls. Do we really have to taunt your brother already?”
Both nod without hesitation.
“We would never disown you, Rhett. You just fall behind a little, that's all. But now you’re back and we’ll keep you up to date. Or Maia anyway.” Diane winks at me and I laugh. 
“I’ll fill you in, babe.” I pat Rhett’s shoulder but all he's concerned with is filling his mouth with more food. 
Ryan and Roger join us a few minutes later and soon the kitchen is full of chatter, laughter, and the clinking of forks and plates. I look around the room, so thankful and blessed for finally feeling like I belong somewhere. With a family. Part of a family.
I catch Rhett watching me and he reaches for my hand with his under the table. His large one easily envelops my small one and he squeezes gently. Tears prick at the corner of my eyes. 
I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for for so long. So fucking long.
A beautiful family and an amazing love.



After crashing at my parent’s house for a couple of weeks, Maia and I scored a small yet cozy one bedroom apartment not far from the beach I love. We moved in and a month has passed already. We’ve spent most of our time at the beach surfing, as I’m meeting with scouts and trying to get a professional surfing contract along with searching for a job in film production. Maia found an orphanage nearby which she’s begun volunteering at and a couple of times, I’ve joined her. The kids are great like the ones in Sierra Cove. Who love to send us cards which we happily return. 
All in all, we’re settling in nicely. And being close to my parent’s house is an added bonus, as my mom loves to do our laundry and fill our fridge with food. She stocks us so well, we barely need to cook for ourselves. Since I can’t cook for shit still, it gives Maia a break and as always, my mom’s food smacks. 
“Are you excited for today? Or nervous?” I ask Maia as I pop a piece of banana muffin in my mouth. My mom dropped them off this morning along with coffee and fresh towels. She’s truly a gem. 
“I think a little bit of both.” Maia answers. 
“I’d guess you’re more nervous considering you haven’t touched your muffin.”
Maia sighs. “I just don’t want to screw it up. This is my dream job.”
“You won’t. They’ll be lucky to have you, Mi. Not the other way around.” 
Her face relaxes and she smiles. “You’re too sweet to me.”
I shrug. “It’s the truth. You’re gonna kill this interview. Besides, all the kids love you. In the short few weeks you’ve been volunteering there, you’ve made a great impression. They wouldn’t have asked you to come on full time as a paid employee if they didn’t agree.”
Maia nods. “You’re right.” She breathes deeply a couple of times before breaking off a piece of her muffin. 
“I know.” I grin and she laughs. “Keep laughing. It relaxes you.”
“What, do you know me or something?” Maia asks with a gleam in her eye.
“Nope. Hardly. Who are you really?”
She leans across the table and my eyes drop down to her cleavage and back up again. With her lips mere inches from mine, she whispers, “My eyes are up here, mister.”
“Mmhmm, I know exactly where they are. And I know exactly where I want mine to be. On your gorgeous body.”
When our lips collide, all of our passion and love flow between us. I pour my heart and soul into it and hope she feels it all. 
When we break apart, we’re both breathless. I smile against her sexy mouth. “You got this, babe. No doubts.”
Sure enough, when she bursts through the front door a few hours later, with a beaming smile bright enough to light up an entire house, I know I was right. She totally killed it. 
“I got it, Rhett! Ahhh! I got the job! I start this week!” All of her words tumble out in a rush as she runs towards me. She throws her arms around my neck and I lift her into the air and spin her around. 
“Congrats, Mi! Those kids are so lucky.”
She buries her head in my chest and I bend mine and kiss her hair. The smell of her shampoo makes my dick hard and my heart beats faster. When she leans back and looks up at me, her gorgeous eyes are wet. “No, I’m the lucky one.”
My love for her grows bigger, if that’s even possible, but damn, this woman, this amazing woman, has the biggest heart and shares it with the world when all she ever wanted from life was love. 
“I promise to show you love every single day, Maia. You deserve it all and more. I’m so honored you chose me.”
“Oh, Rhett,” Mi chokes out through more tears. “Thank you. For loving me, for giving me a family, and for making my dreams come true. I love you more than words.”
“And I love you. Now let’s go celebrate.” I lift her up and carry her in my arms like a groom carries his bride. She yelps and tosses her head back in laughter. We might not be there for a long time, but one day we will. I’d be stupid not to marry the girl of my dreams.
But until then, I’ll treat her like the queen she is, always and forever. 
“Does this version of celebration involve getting naked?” Maia asks with a sheepish grin on her face.
“What if I say it does?”
“Then I say hurry the fuck up!” 
So I do. 
I run to our bedroom, lay her down on the bed, and feast on her until I’ve had my fill.
Which will never happen. So, I’ll start all over again.
And again, and again.

Did you love reading more of Rhett & Maia? Friends to lovers is such a fun trope and while there may not be the angst enemies bring, there's definitely the don't cross those lines angst!

Can you believe this was the last book in the series? Ah!

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