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Bonus Epilogue- Levi & Raina

Thank you so much reading Forever You. Levi & Raina are so special to me. My first cliffhanger series, my first new adult romance, and a truly heartbreaking emotional story I love. Enjoy your exclusive bonus epilogue of Levi & Raina only available to my newsletter subscribers. 

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Bonus Epilogue



Atlantic City.

The shoreline lights up the night sky as we make our way downtown. The tour bus is unbelievable. It’s fully equipped with a kitchen and bathroom, a living/dining area complete with multiple TVs, a couch, and a dining booth for eating. There are several bunks for people to sleep in and even a master suite with another full bathroom.

A luxury RV in the form of a bus. A moving castle, more like it.

I still can’t believe I’m here. On tour with Levi.

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better summer. And we’ll be back in the city just in time for Mable and me to finish our senior year while Levi and Drew stay in the city to work on their second album.

Insane, right?

Levi slides into the booth next to me and wraps an arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to him. My body fits perfectly into his side, like two pieces clicking together. I lean my head on his shoulder and inhale his scent, one I’ll never get enough of.

“Isn’t it gorgeous?” I ask as I point out the window.

“Mm-hmm, but not as gorgeous as you.” Levi kisses the top of my head, then my ear, then my neck. A warmth spreads through me, his love one of my favorite feelings I never want to be without again.

“You flatter me, my rock star.”

Levi hooks a finger under my chin and pulls me toward him, tearing my eyes away from the night sky. “It’s late, baby. Let’s go to bed.”

I hadn’t noticed the time. Hell, I barely noticed when Drew and Mable took off, unable to keep their hands to themselves. I was too busy watching the night sky as if I’d never seen it before. Levi mentions something about the bathroom and a drink, and the next thing I know, I’m alone in the quiet. A peaceful, surreal feeling came over me.

Levi takes my hand and leads me to the back bedroom. As we pass the loft bunks, I hear Mable giggle and smile to myself. Everyone is so happy. I need to pinch myself to make sure this isn’t a dream.

Inside the master suite, Levi closes and locks the door behind us. When he turns and faces me, his eyes instantly drop down my body and darken. He takes two long, quick strides like a man determined to get exactly what he wants.

And what he wants is me.

A fire comes to life inside me, and when his hands find my back and crush me against him, I moan. I need his touch, his skin on mine, so much it hurts. Like I’ll shrivel up and die without it. Every part of me aches for him. Every single part.

When his lips find mine in the low light of the room, he walks backward toward the bed until my legs hit the edge and I tumble back, bringing him down with me.

Hands, mouths, fingers, are all over, everywhere all at once. It’s sensory overload in the best way possible. Clothes come flying off in every direction, our lips never leaving the others.

We slept together last night and this morning, knowing we wouldn’t have as much freedom being here, but it’s like we haven’t seen each other in months with the way we’re going at it.

Any time is too long without him, his kiss and touch addictive. I’m hopelessly and utterly addicted to this beautiful, talented man.

We kiss and kiss until we’re naked in each other’s arms. When Levi finally breaks away, he moves his mouth down my body and stops when he gets to my sweet spot.

Spreading my lips open with two fingers, he attaches his mouth to my clit and sucks hard. I cry out at first but then revel in the delight of his tongue working tirelessly to bring me pleasure. Over and over again, he licks, sucks, and nibbles, and I feel my orgasm building. Levi doesn’t let up even when he feels my legs shaking, and I can’t hold on much longer.

I grip the sheets as my orgasm crashes down over me. Wave after pulsating wave of pleasure runs through me, but Levi doesn’t let up.

He continues more so, flicking his tongue on my sensitive clit in such a way that I’m unbuckling at the seams again, another orgasm quickly following.

“Fuccckk,” I moan, but I barely get the word out. Levi’s lips are back on mine, and he tastes like me—salty and sweet and fucking amazing.

“You’re so fucking beautiful when you come. I could watch you all night over and over again.” Levi smiles down at me and rubs his hard dick along my thigh. “I think I just might.”

“I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” I reach down and wrap my hand around his cock before giving it a firm squeeze.

Levi growls in response, a low deep sexy sound I feel straight to my core. “And? I’ll carry you, so who cares?”

“I suppose,” I say as I guide his erection toward my slit. I rub the swollen head along my seam, pausing at my clit. It’s still sensitive, and zaps of pleasure run through me.

“I would. And then I’d make you come again.”

I laugh. “Watch out. Two can definitely play this game,” I say as I push the head of his cock inside me.

He takes it right back out, the tease. “Oh, you think so, do you?”

“Mmm, I do,” I say before pushing him off me and onto his back. I climb on top of him quickly before he can grab me and face the opposite way. Leaning up onto my knees, I position him beneath me, then sink onto his hard dick.

Levi slaps my ass and then grabs it, spreading my cheeks wide. I lean forward and grip his knees, and then I ride the shit out of him until we’re both coming so hard that we fall into a heap of sweaty limbs. The scent of sex is heavy in the air.

Holy fucking shit. I try to catch my breath but damn.

That was some of the hottest fucking sex we’ve ever had.

Maybe it’s the bus, maybe it’s the excitement, or the lack of privacy and thrill of getting caught, or maybe it’s just our love but damn.

It’s fucking bliss, and I love every second of it.


I don’t know what’s busier—the main front area of the venue where fans and concertgoers stream in by the hundreds or the backstage where Mable and I sit in the midst of it all.

Employees, set managers, directors, producers, and I’m sure a hundred other people with jobs to do rush by. Most look stressed and tired with clipboards in one hand and coffees in the other while radios clipped at their side go off.

It’s nonstop action.

All to get ready for the big show.

Their first concert on this tour, just the two of them as a team, and promoting their first album. It’s wild.

For now, we stay backstage. Levi and Drew gave us the choice of whether to stay back here for the concert or to sit in the front row. Of course we chose the front row seats. I want to be right there, looking up at my amazing man as he sings his fucking heart out. I want to beam with pride when he makes eye contact with me and show him just how proud I am of him. I want to scream my fucking lungs out and enjoy the show like a fan because I am. I’m his number one fan, and I plan to show him just how special he is later tonight.

“Only forty-five minutes left until showtime!” Mable claps her hands and wiggles in her seat. “Finally! Today felt like the longest day ever.”

I elbow her side playfully. “At least we got to spend the day together, just the two of us. Like old times.”

“Yes! I miss our old times.” Mable threads her arm through mine. “Our movie and pizza marathons. They were the best.”

“Now we can have them on the bus when the guys are gone all day rehearsing. We’ll sprawl out in the bed in the back, surrounded by snacks and whatever city we’re in’s pizza. Dammit, why didn’t I think of that for today?”

Mable laughs, her rosy cheeks complementing her cute blue pixie hair. Only she could pull the look off so perfectly. “Too much excitement. But definitely, the next day we’re together, we’re so doing it.”

“I still can’t believe this is our life right now. You and Drew. Me and Levi. Our boyfriends are fucking hot.”

“Fuck yeah, they are. We’re in love with rock stars, bitch.”

I grin. “If you hadn’t convinced me to check out the band tryouts and take tequila shots with random guys, who knows if my drunk ass would’ve ever bumped into Levi? Or had the guts to kiss him.” I shake my head at the memory. “Wow, I was an idiot.”

“No, you weren’t! See, we were meant to go there. So you could meet Levi, and I could meet Drew. It all worked out just like it was supposed to.” Mable pats my hand.

We were meant to go there.

Everything happens for a reason, and Mable’s right. It all happened just like it should’ve.

And now it’s time to see our men in action.




The lights go out, and the stage is dark. Drew waits at his drums behind me as I take my place in front of the mic. My electric guitar is by my side, the strap secure over my shoulder and across my chest.

Here we go.

Our first big concert.

On our first tour.

Rocking our first album.

I feel like I’m watching myself from outside of my body, as this surely can’t be happening to me.

But when I hear the words showtime in my earpiece, I know it’s not.

First comes the smoke and then the flashing lights—my cue to start our opening song. I strum out the first couple of chords and let the guitar go quiet as I sing the first line with no background music.

“You were always the one…”

The crowd goes wild.

My stomach flips like I’m ready to free-fall through the air, and one of my favorite highs, the crowd shouting for me, for us, for our music, fills me from head to toe. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this feeling.

I strum a few more chords and sing the next two lines.

“The one I ran home to, The one I showed the world to.”

The crowd goes wild again, screaming out our names and whistling.

And then we break out into full song, my guitar and Drew’s drums playing out a fierce beat. The entire place lights up with our song, the lights, the smoke, everything.

It’s fucking amazing.

And standing right there in front of me is my favorite person of all. The one who makes this all possible. Who I keep going for. And who I look forward to spending every fucking day of my life with. My beautiful girl.

The rest of the lyrics pour out of me as I sing them directly to Raina.

 “Yet you knew, didn’t you?

Didn’t you?

You watched in silence as I fucked everything up, Drinking bottles and picking fights, Trying to stay awake.

Only you, it’s only ever been you,

Only you.

You were always the one, The one I ran home to.

The one I showed the world to, yet you knew, didn’t you?

Didn’t you?

Only you, it’s only ever been you,

Only you.”

Raina’s eyes don’t stray from mine as I sing my heart out to her. She knows this song is about her. She’s always known.

It’s only ever been her. And it only ever will be.

If you've enjoyed the series so far, be sure to check out the next book in the series- Finding Me! It's Drew & Mable's romance, an angsty friends to lovers romance set in the same world you know and love. Drew & Mable were so fun to write and I hope you love them just as much as I do!

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