Saving Me, Book 5 of the You & Me Series

Cover & Blurb Reveal: 5/19/22

Release Date: 6/16/22

Genre: Contemporary Romance

“Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith.” ~Million Reasons, Lady Gaga

I thought she was my forever.

But instead, my heart broke into a million pieces. And so did my life.

Until I met her. Kinsley Sweet.

Her light, her laugh, her beautiful smile- all of it fills up a part of me that’s missing. Makes the jagged pieces of my heart smooth, slowly filling in the cracks and holes.

Yet when our lives take a drastic turn and unexpected news drops a life altering bomb, my broken heart starts to crack once again. 

Maybe we aren’t meant to be. Maybe my wounds are too big.

And maybe I’ll never find just what I’m looking for.

“What kind of man sits by watching his forever sit at another’s man’s bedside. A generous one, with a heart that may have its own battle wounds, but shines brightly and deserves to find its own happiness.” Goodreads Review of the You & Me Series


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