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Bonus Epilogue- Dean & Kinsley

Thank you so much reading Saving Me. Dean & Kinsley are such a strong, loving couple. I was so happy to finally give Dean is happily ever after! Enjoy your exclusive bonus epilogue of Dean & Kinsley only available to my newsletter subscribers. 

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Bonus Epilogue


The sand is warm and squishy on my toes as I dig my feet in. A small wave rolls in, the water moving beneath my low beach chair. I rub my hands over my tiny pop of a belly, my bikini leaving nothing to hide.

I can’t believe this is actually my life.

The sun sets in the distance, dipping below the horizon and casting a yellow honey glow. I watch my fiancé as he walks toward me, a golden hue outlining his silhouette. Water drips from his hair, a huge smile on his face as he keeps his eyes on me.

After all we’ve been through, I never thought we’d make it this far. A roller-coaster ride that’s now settled into a nice, sweet train ride along the mountainside. I’m sure there’ll be lots of bumps and hills, but he’s the only one I want beside me.

“Wow.” Dean whistles and stops in front of me. I run one of my sandy feet up his leg, my skin needing contact with his. “Did it hurt when you fell?”

I laugh, already knowing he’s about to drop a stupid pickup line. Ever since the night we rated the cheesiest pickup lines from Google, he can’t stop saying them. “Not as much as when I fell for you,” I tease.

He clutches at his chest and drops to his knees, water splashing onto me. Inching closer, he positions himself between my legs. “You wound me, Kins. Deeply.”

“C’mere, I’ll make you all better.” I wrap my arms around his neck and press my lips to his. Mmm. Salt and sand and my man. What else do you need?

“Better?” I ask.

Dean shakes his head. “Nope. I need more.”

I giggle against his lips, and we kiss and kiss and kiss. Not caring about those around us. Not caring about anything but the two of us. In this perfect moment. On a babymoon in Bali with the gorgeous sun setting in the background. And the perfect white sand and crystal clear ocean blue water.

“One hundred percent recommend a babymoon,” I say when we finally come up for air. “A girl could get used to this.”

Dean laughs as he pushes to a stand and reaches his hands out for mine. “It is pretty perfect here. It also makes me hungry.”

“Me too.” I take his hands in mine and stand. I go to grab my chair, but Dean grips my waist.

“I’ll get it, baby.” He reaches down and scoops the chair up, quickly folding it and slinging it over his shoulder with the built-in strap. We grab the rest of our things up on shore and head to the hotel just a short distance away.

It’s our second day here, and we spent it at the beach. Yesterday was the pool, and tomorrow, we have a tour planned to see the rice terraces and temples local to the area. Then two more days of relaxation before we head back home.

Soon, our baby will be here, and our lives will completely change. But I’m so excited. Dean and I already started setting up a nursery in our new apartment. We found a bigger one in the same building I was in, just one level down. The best part is still being close to Shay. And Dean didn’t hesitate to move out of his. He was ready for a change.

I think we both were. But Thor and Midnight? Not so much. Hopefully, they become friends, but it’s not looking too good.

We haven’t found out the gender of the baby yet, but I know Shay is planning a baby shower soon, and she’s been instructed to keep it color neutral. I secretly think it’s a girl and so does Shay. Dean says boy, but can you imagine him being a daddy to a little girl? Oh my heart. He would be great either way.

We both will be. I just know it. After all we’ve been through together, how can we not?

“How about room service for dinner and a nice long bath?” Dean asks when we get back up to the room.

“Mmm,” I say as my body relaxes, thinking about the warm bubbly water. “Sounds like the perfect evening to me.”

“I thought so,” Dean says as he drops our things from the beach and walks over to me. “Bath first?” He runs his hands down over my shoulders, and I shiver from his touch.

I nod. “But I need an appetizer.”

Dean grips my waist and pulls me against him, my belly nestled between us. “I’ll be your appetizer, baby,” he growls low in my ear. He nips my earlobe before moving down to my neck.

“As good as that sounds, the baby wants more.” I grin as he trails his tongue back up to my ear.

Dean chuckles. “I’ll start the bath. You undress and get comfy, and I’ll be in with some drinks and maybe some cheese and crackers?”

“You’re the best, baby. Thank you.” I kiss his lips, lingering longer than I usually do, wanting to show my appreciation in any way I can.

“That title is reserved for you, my love.” Dean kisses my nose and walks me to the bathroom in true gentleman fashion.

“Oh, wow, here’s the tub! I was wondering where it was,” I joke, secretly loving the way he takes care of me. Well, not secretly. He knows because I tell him all the time.

Dean smacks my ass gently, and I throw my head back in laughter. “You’re hilarious,” he teases. He turns the water on and fusses with some bubble bath as I begin to undress.

“Get out of here before you never feed me.” I grin as Dean looks up and sees me standing there completely naked. His Adam’s apple bobs in his throat as he swallows, his eyes moving down my form and back up.

My stomach flips like I’m on a roller coaster with the feel of his eyes on me. I’m a little shy with the way my body is changing, but I don’t show it, holding my head high as the man I love admires every inch of me.

Why would I show it? I don’t need to. Dean gives me plenty of a confidence boost. But a small part of me still worries, hoping he’ll always like what he sees. I know he will, and I should be proud of my body for the life I’m creating.

Dean’s all over me with two quick strides, his long arms wrapping around me as his hands slide down over my ass cheeks. “Fuck, Kins. You get more beautiful every day. And now watching your body change as you grow our baby. Goddamn, baby,” he murmurs as his hands move over my skin.

As much as it kills me to take his hands off me, my stomach’s growling wins. “Cheese, please.” I smile and bat my eyelashes.

Dean laughs. “Okay, okay. Feed the pregnant lady. Got it.”

Now it’s my turn to smack his butt as he turns to leave the bathroom. He throws me a wink over his shoulder.

I climb into the tub, the warm water instantly relaxing my limbs as I sink down in it.

Ahhhh. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

As we lie in bed a few hours later, our bellies full, and our eyes sleepy, Dean whispers over and over how much he loves me as he slides inside me, his thrusts gentle, tender, and loving.

We make love all night long and sleep the day away in each other’s arms.


“How would you feel if we eloped?” Dean asks as we ride in an Uber back to our apartment. My head is still on the beach in Bali, so I don’t hear him at first until his hand wraps around mine and squeezes.

“Hmm?” My eyes droop to half slits. All of this traveling really wipes a girl out.

Dean repeats the question and reaches over, cupping my cheek with his hand before kissing my lips.

“Elope?” I repeat as I digest the question. My mind battles with it. I mean, there really isn’t a reason not to since neither of us has much family left. But, also, what’s the rush? And what if I do want the wedding with all the bells and whistles? I don’t know.

“It was just an idea. I’m down with planning a wedding, too. Or just going with the flow and waiting.”

“I’m sorry, Dean. My mind has been so busy thinking. First, it was the move, and now it’s the baby. It seems so surreal that our baby will be here soon. I don’t feel ready. I feel scared.”

Dean unbuckles his seat belt and moves to the middle seat, quickly strapping that belt around his waist. He then wraps an arm around me and pulls me close. “Don’t be scared, Kins. You’re an amazing woman and so strong. Our baby is so lucky to have you for a mom.”

A lump forms in my throat as tears prick my eyes. “You really mean that?” I search his eyes, and all I see is the truth. Not once does he look away or falter. It’s just complete sincerity written all over him.

“Yes,” Dean says as he nods.

I kiss his lips and groan when I taste the sweetness that I’ll never get enough of.

We arrive home, and Dean grabs our bags from the trunk. I roll one while he rolls the other and carries our duffel bags we used on board. It’s a lot chillier here than in deliciously warm Bali, and I shiver in my sweater. I miss being in a bathing suit already.

My eyes follow Dean, or more like his yummy ass, as we walk to our apartment. Stopping outside our door, Dean fishes in his pocket for the keys. And that’s when we hear a loud giggle and then a screech. What the hell?

I’d know that laugh anywhere.

Why is Shay over?

Dean freezes but then relaxes. “Is that Shay?”

“Sure sounds like her. Maybe she’s bringing Midnight back?”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. I keep thinking tomorrow because that’s when Jaiden is bringing Thor home. I expected us to be getting home a lot later,” Dean explains as he slides his key in the lock and opens the door.

We walk inside to find Shay and Jaiden, half naked and scrambling around the living room. Thor wags his tail from the kitchen, where he is behind the gate. He barks and shakes happily, unfazed by the scene happening before us. Midnight is nowhere to be seen. She’s probably hiding from all this craziness.

What in the fuck? My hand flies over my mouth, and I snort.

Dean looks embarrassed and confused, while I can’t help the laughter that escapes from behind my hand.

“Oh. My. God,” I say between my giggles.

Dean’s eyes find mine, and he looks just as shocked as I am.

Jaiden and Shay don’t say anything as they move like two guilty teenagers who just got caught.

Both of them walk by us in a hurry, making a beeline for the door.

“Never speak of this,” Shay says as she runs out.

Jaiden follows. “Yes, never. I hate that woman.” He slams the door behind him.

Dean and I are frozen in place.

“Did we really just see what I think we saw?” he asks, his eyes wide.

I burst out laughing. “Yup. Our friends definitely just had sex on our living room floor.”

“Well, shit. Never thought I’d see that,” Dean says as he walks over to Thor. “Time to mop the floor.”

“Time to call Shay. Mama needs the tea,” I say as I dig my phone out of my bag. It’s already buzzing with texts. Oh boy.

They won’t be hearing the end of this for a long time to come.



Our baby girl arrived.

She’s perfect.

A full head of light-brown curly hair, healthy pink skin, and all ten fingers and toes.

Leave it to Kinsley to have her water break in the middle of newborn prep class.

We were figuring out just exactly how to put a diaper on, and when I finally got it, Kinsley jumped up and down and clapped. When bam. She suddenly stopped jumping and looked down to find her leggings soaked.

Fourteen hours and many tears and screams later, she was here. And I fell in love again twice. Once with my daughter and once with Kinsley all over again.

Watching her push through labor and give birth, her happy smile after her epidural, and her perseverance with every push left me amazed. Utterly amazed. At her beauty, her strength, her love.

I’m so fucking lucky, and I promise to show her and our baby just how thankful I am.

“Olivia Grace Maloney,” Kinsley says, tears streaming down her face as the doctor places our baby on her chest while nurses quickly wipe her down.

I nod through my own tears. “Yes. Our mothers would’ve loved it.” Olivia is for my mother, Olive, and Grace is for Kinsley’s mother, Gracelynn.

Kinsley cries harder, and I know it’s a mix of sadness and happiness, but more joy than anything else. We told each other our fears and secrets, our sadness over our children not having grandparents. But we promised to stick through it all, no matter how hard it gets.

Because she’s the only one I want to live with. She’s the only one I want to fix my problems with.

And I know she feels exactly the same.

We tell each other every day just how much we love each other.

Now, we have someone else to pour our love on to too.

Forever and ever.

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