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That One Summer Anthology


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Release Date: June 11, 2024

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

Your summer just got a whole lot hotter...

Dive into a scorching summer with this limited-edition collection that will transport you into the heart of the steamiest love affairs. Whether you crave the excitement of a big-city romance, the charm of a small-town affair, or the allure of an island getaway, these stories push the boundaries of passion.

Embark on a journey where friends become lovers, enemies discover surprising attractions, and strangers find themselves entangled in a magnetic pull they never saw coming. From sultry beachfront rendezvous to nights of sinful pleasure, these tales promise to awaken your deepest desires and leave you breathless for more.

Will sparks fly?

Can a summer fling turn into a love that lasts all seasons?

Order your copy now for only 99c and let the summer of seduction begin!

Including stories by:

Stephanie Morris - USA Today bestselling author, Sharon Wray - USA Today bestselling author, TL Reeve/Michele Ryan, Anne Lange, LizAnne Axtel, Wynter Ryan, Sarah Everly, Susanna Eastman, Jess Savage, Dani Daniels, Kris Jayne, Lyssa Cole, Mae Archer, Ali Rivers, Dawn Baca, Sue Brown

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