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Twisted Fate

Twisted fate 22 ebook.jpg

“An emotional must read, this story takes the reader on a journey wrought with hope, despair, insane heat, a little angsty heartache and so much more!”

Release Date: December 29th, 2019

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Suspense

I hate him.
His darker eyes, his darker hair.
The tattoo that snakes up his chest and peeks out of the top of his shirt.
I hate it all. 
Jordan, my husband’s brother, the definition of troublemaker. 
I’m happily married to Blake, hoping to start a family soon, but there’s one thing standing in our way. 
And that’s him and all the shit he brings to our doorstep. 
Blake won’t listen, he has Jordan’s back no matter what. 
But when our lives take a tragic turn, I’m hopelessly lost, floundering alone, gasping for my next breath. 
Until he, the one who started it all, shows up wanting to fix his mess, wanting to protect what’s not his. 
Nope, not happening. I wish he would just leave and never show his face again.
Unless what if I do need him? What if I really am in as much danger as he says?
How can I see him as anything but what he is- a dangerous tornado of destruction. My heart won’t be another one of his casualties too. 

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