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Bonus Epilogue- Holden & Lennox

Thank you so much reading Broken. I had so much fun writing their story and I know it's because these two had so much fun falling in love! Enjoy your exclusive bonus epilogue of Holden & Lennox only available to my newsletter subscribers. 

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Bonus Epilogue


“At last, the lovebirds finally arrive.” Landon says as he walks over and hands Lennox and I a drink. We just got here and haven’t even made it up the driveway, never mind through the door and already he’s handing us drinks. “What took your asses so long?” He looks between us and I try so hard to keep a straight face but it’s impossible with that grin on his face. He fucking knows. 

“Were you waiting out here for us?” I laugh and take a sip of my drink. It’s fucking delicious.

“Maybe. But no, I have a bar set up in the garage and mixed up a pitcher of tonight’s special, so everyone’s getting a drink when they arrive.”

“This is really good.” Len says and I nod my head in agreement. “I can’t even taste the alcohol.”

“Mission accomplished. Be careful. It’ll sneak up on you. But seriously, what took so long?”

“Were we supposed to be here at a certain time?”

Landon rolls his eyes. “I told you eight o’clock earlier. It’s now nine. Since when are you ever late? Len, you really are wearing off on him. In more ways than one.” He winks.

Lennox’s face flushes, a feature of hers I’m not used to quite yet, but damn is it growing on me. 

“C’mon party girl, what are you shy now?”

Lennox punches Landon’s arm playfully. “Shut up. Maybe I just don’t want to kiss and tell. Besides, he’s my boyfriend. We can have as much sex as we want.” Her cheeks are now beat red and I choke on the laugh bubbling up in the back of my throat. 

“Ah, the titles. Holden, you’re fucked now, my guy.” Landon claps me on the back.

“Yep. In the best way possible.” I grin and wrap my arm around Lennox’s shoulders. “At least I can always say I just got laid because it’s true, I did.”

Her gorgeous green eyes lock on mine and she lifts her face up towards me for a kiss. “You’re amazing.”

“Nope, that’s you.” I kiss her again and then kiss her nose.

“Ew.” Landon makes a puking sound. “Sex is one thing. But the lovey dovey shit, nope. See you two later.” Landon throws up the peace sign and disappears into the garage. We follow him in despite his teasing goodbye and find Everleigh, Maia, and Rhett hanging out. 

The garage is set up like a man cave, complete with a large sectional couch, single chairs, a table and chair set, a TV, and a pair of speakers currently playing some Post Malone. There’s even a game of beer bong set up along the back wall with Landon’s makeshift bar right next to it.

His bar set up game is strong and he looks like he’s having a blast.

“Ah the happy couple!” Everleigh claps and Maia joins in.

We say hi to everyone and the girls chat while Rhett and I set up a game of beer pong with Landon. Soon, Asher, Tyler, and Remi join and the whole gang is playing, three on three. 

After the first game, more people pack into the garage and want to join in. I lose sight of Lennox until I feel a hand wrap around my arm and tug. I look down and there she is, her beautiful face mere inches from mine. I steal a kiss and she moves her mouth to my ear.

“The girls and I are gonna check out the pool in the backyard. Come find me when you’re done.” She whispers and the tickle of her warm breath sends shivers down my spine. 

“Oh you know I will my little firecracker.” I wink and kiss her one more time before she disappears into the crowd. 

“Damn, Holden. Are you and Lennox dating?” Joey, a guy from my engineering class who is waiting to play the next round of beer bong, asks me.


“Really? Like serious?”

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend. Why?”

Joey lets out a low whistle. If I wasn’t paying attention, I wouldn’t have heard it but I did and it pisses me off. “Just curious how you got the wild girl to settle down. Last I heard, she fucks anything that walks.”

My hand clenches into a fist and it takes all my strength not to punch this guy in the face. I take a deep breath and remember the rep Lennox used to have causing questions like this. “Well, I guess when you meet the right person, things change.”

“That’s cool, bro. Lennox is a nice girl, I’ve had some classes with her.”

“She’s the best.” We pound fists and he asks to be on my team in the next round of beer bong.

“Sure. I just gotta win first.” I shoot my next shot and it lands in the cup. We all cheer.

Later, I find Lennox dancing in the backyard with her friends, her red curls flowing down her back and shining beneath the string of lights. 

When she sees me, her face lights up and she runs over to me and jumps into my arms. Her legs wrap around my waist and my hands slide under her ass and give it a squeeze.

“I missed you.” She says before pressing her lips to mine. 

“I missed you more.” I answer before deepening our kiss and sliding my tongue into her mouth.

She kisses me back but pulls back too quick and I groan. 

“My friends are giggling. Let’s not give them a show.” She grins and unhooks her legs and slides back down onto her feet. 

“Fine. But you’re gonna pay for that later.” I tap her ass playfully and nibble her earlobe before I let her go.

Lennox’s face is as red as a tomato and I smirk. 

“Seriously, Len, your blushing is sending me over the edge.” I growl against her neck. She bats her eyes at me before she drags me back towards the group. 

Our friends gather around and we all dance together while laughing our asses off. 

“I love you two as a couple!” A girl I don’t recognize says as she passes us by. 

Lennox gives me a strange look and we both laugh. “What the fuck?” I ask and she shrugs.

“Well, damn.” She says as she wraps her arms around my neck and looks up at me. “No one can believe the party girl fell for the nerdy guy.”

“More like the nerdy guy fell for the party girl.”

“Nerds really do have all the power, hmm?” 

“You know it. Now that we’ve made our appearance at a party as a couple, can we get the fuck out of here?”

Lennox tosses her head back in laughter and fuck she gets prettier and prettier the more I look at her. “You know that won’t fly. Hell, we were already late.”

“My girl has needs. And so does her man.” I wink.

She grabs my face and kisses the shit out of me. Our friends whistle and cat call behind us but I don’t care. Apparently, neither does she and it’s fucking sexy as hell.

“Let’s go.” Len grabs my hand and we take off.

Onto our next adventure together. It’s never a dull moment with her and it only makes me fall for her harder.

* * *


“Len! Babe! You’ll never believe what just happened!” Holden’s voice calls from outside the bathroom door before he opens it and peaks his head in. “Can I come in?”

“Are you seriously asking me that?” I pop my head out from behind the shower curtain. “Of course you can. I didn’t think you were coming for another hour.” 

“I wasn’t but then I got the best call of my life and I had to come down here and tell you.”

His infectious excitement causes my heart to race. “What?”

“The company I’m interning at, they want to develop my video game! Into a real game!”

“Oh my God!” I explode and pull open the shower curtain. I’m bare ass naked, dripping from head to toe, shampoo in my hair, but I don’t care. I grab his shoulders and pull him into a hug. He laughs and hugs me back.

“Congrats Holden! I’m so damn proud of you!” I kiss his sexy lips and look up into his gorgeous blue eyes. 

“I couldn’t have done it without you, my little firecracker.”

“No way, this was all you.”

“I know it seems like I had my shit together,” Holden says as he takes off his shirt. 

Yes, baby strip it off and get in this shower with me.

“But I put on a good front sometimes. Inside, I thought my idea was complete shit.” He slips off his socks and shoes and pulls his jeans and boxers off. My eyes immediately fall to his semi hard cock and I lick my lips. “My eyes are up here naughty girl.”

I feel my cheeks heat. I take his hands and pull him into the shower with me. With the curtain now shut, it’s like its just the two of us in our own little world. “Then maybe you shouldn’t distract me by getting naked.” I say as I run my hands over his chest and abs. “But your idea was never shit. I knew it would be a hit. And look, I was right.”

“I love you. Thank you for always believing in me.”

“And thank you for giving me a chance and not judging the party girl. I love you. Now how can we celebrate this amazing accomplishment of yours?” I grin.

“I definitely got something in mind. Considering we’re both naked and all…”

“I’m all yours, baby. Destroy me.”

Holden’s eyes darken. “Your wish is my command.”

Destroy me he does. In every delicious way possible. 

Did you love reading more of Holden & Lennox? I had so much fun with all the tropes in their story, from friends with benefits, to friends to lovers, opposites attract, and more! Party girl Len really let out a sexy side of Holden, didn't she hmm?

The next book in the series is all about Landon & Everleigh, our cocky frat boy and sweet quiet girl who begin fake dating. Excuse me, wuttt? Them two?! Just you wait...

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