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Bonus Epilogue- Remi & Sienna

Thank you so much reading Damage. Remi and Sienna were such interesting characters to write and I hope you love them as much as I do. Enjoy your exclusive bonus epilogue of Remi & Sienna only available to my newsletter subscribers. 

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Bonus Epilogue


“I’m definitely having major déjà vu right now.” I giggle as Remi steers his car onto the highway before merging into the traffic.

He looks at me from beneath his sunglasses and wiggles his eyebrows. “Round two, baby. The hot and spicy edition.”

“Hot and spicy, hmm? Better than cold and snowy.”

“Right. No snow this time. And you want to be stuck with me.” Remi winks.

“You sure about that?” I tease.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure. In fact, if I do remember correctly, this morning you said those exact words.”

“What? No way.” I cross my arms and shake my head.

 “Yep. You just had the best sex of your life with your amazing boyfriend, ahem me, and while still out of breath, you whispered, ‘I can’t wait to be stuck with you for three whole weeks. I’m ready to be your sex slave.’”

We both laugh, and I tap his arm. “Now I know I never said shit about a sex slave.”

“Okay, okay, that part’s a lie. But the first part is true.”

“Which part? The best sex of my life part or the being stuck with you?”

Remi side-eyes me. “Both.”

I can’t hold back my laughter for long around him, nor can I lie or keep a secret. It always comes out, and usually between fits of giggles as we tease each other endlessly.

Being with Remi is so easy and fun, so loving and carefree. He makes me happier than I ever remember being. And while I’m still working on my grief, opening my heart to Remi was one of the best decisions I made for myself. He’s friendship and love all rolled into one.

He made me find that good part of me hiding inside, afraid to come out, afraid to get hurt again, and he made me shine after so long. Something I thought I’d never do again.

It was a lot of self-work on my part too, work I’m still doing when I see my therapist every week. She was excited for me to go on this trip.

And now that Remi’s done with school, we’re moving in together, and our life with each other begins. I can’t fucking wait.

“I don’t know about the first pa—” I don’t even get the full word out before Remi nudges me with his elbow and then reaches over to try to tickle me.

I squirm away in a fit of giggles, squishing myself against the door. “Drive! Don’t tickle me!” I barely get the words out as I choke on my laughter.

Remi smirks, a mischievous look stretching across his features. “I can handle both, Queenie. Don’t you worry.”

I look over just in time for him to wink, the exact action I knew he would do, so I wink back in perfect tandem, and he chuckles, the grin on his face now sexy.

“You know me too well,” he says.

“You love it.”

“No doubt.” Another wink. “Okay, navigator. First stop—Arizona. Ready?”

“Ready,” I say as I crank up the tunes and settle in for a long stretch of driving before I take over.


After a few days of driving and spending nights in different cities along the way, we finally make it down to The Keys.

“Wow, the sunset is gorgeous,” I say as Remi drives us over the Overseas Highway as we head to the island of Key West. “Perfect timing.”

Remi takes my hand in his and brings it up to his mouth, kissing it softly. “Paradise.”

When we arrive at our hotel, we check in and head to our room. The woman who checked us in called it the deluxe couple suite, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

“The deluxe couple suite, huh?” I ask him as we arrive at the door.

Remi winks, and it sends a shiver down my spine. “Only the best for you, Queenie.”

“And you!” I nudge him as he slides the key card in the door. He pushes the door open, then steps to the side, waving me in.

As soon as I step inside, my sandals sink into the plush carpet. I drop my bag and suitcase and slip my shoes off, needing to feel it on my bare toes. Cool and refreshing.

Remi comes up behind me, laughing. “Only you would be squishing your toes in the carpet.”

“You know it.” I look around and take the room in. There’s a queen bed with a nightstand on each side. The bed’s already been turned down with extra blankets left on top. Rose petals are sprinkled all over. A bottle of champagne in ice, two glasses, and a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries were left on the nightstand. “Damn, it really do be deluxe around here,” I say.

Remi grabs my waist and pulls me flush against him. “How about I show you the deluxe version of me?”

I throw my head back and laugh as I wrap my arms around his neck. “Does it involve food? Because I’m suddenly ravenous.” I know damn well it doesn’t, but I like to tease him anyway.

“You’ll definitely need food when I finish with you.” Remi grabs my ass and lifts, tossing me over his shoulder. I yelp, my hands grabbing his back as I hang upside down. He moves quickly to the bathroom and sets me on my feet. And then both our mouths drop open when we see the enormous heart-shaped hot tub, already filled and bubbling, with more rose petals floating on top.

Flameless candles surround the tub, and without even looking to see what Remi is doing, I tear my clothes off, tossing the pieces over my head.

“No bathing suits is my type of soak.” Remi follows close, and as we both sink into the warm water, we groan at the same time.

“Mmm, perfection,” I say as I slide beneath the water until it’s up to my chin. Remi moves to lie beside me, his toned body brushing against mine and making my insides go haywire. When I feel his hard dick touch the side of my leg, my core clenches, and suddenly, I’m so horny, I can’t see straight.

I climb on top of him, and without hesitation, I slide right down onto his cock, his face moving from an expression of shock to pleasure in seconds. Leaning forward, I press my wet breasts against his chest, my hard nipples dragging along his hot skin. Holding the back of the tub, I place my feet flat on the bottom. I begin moving up and down, slowly at first, then increase my speed until I bounce quickly, splashing water around us and onto the floor.

Remi groans as he drives his hips up to meet mine, matching me thrust for thrust. His hands grip my ass cheeks as he spreads them wide.

We fuck the shit out of each other like we haven’t fucked in forever instead of just this morning.

I feel my orgasm building, my clit growing more sensitive by the minute as my pussy grips his cock tight.

“Fuckkk, Queenie. I’m close.”

“Me too,” I whisper against his mouth before I cover it with my own and kiss him with all the passion I feel.

My orgasm takes over, and soon, I’m crashing down, my legs quivering and shaking as waves of pleasure ripple through me. Remi follows right behind as I come again and again, each movement causing more sensations on my sensitive clit.

“Ahhh, I love you,” I say as I collapse against his chest, both of us panting and out of breath.

“And I love you, my spicy Queenie.”



Her dark hair rustles in the breeze from the ocean, and with the picturesque sunset in the background and the islands all around, it’s a perfect moment. My heart swells with love and beats harder as I stare at her, unable to tear my eyes away.

When she turns her head toward me, some hair covers her face. She pushes it to the side, a warm smile playing on her lips. “This is better than I ever could’ve imagined,” Sienna says.

I slip my arm around her shoulders, and she rests her head on my shoulder, right under my chin. As we cruise through the water on our sunset cruise, I try to lock all of these moments in my brain. So that I can come back to them over and over and always remember this special trip we had together.

It’s been a full week here already, and most days we spend at the beach, lying in the sun, wading in the surf, and eating lots of ice cream cones. One day, we tried jet skiing, and another day, we went snorkeling. Today, we spent the day at the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, where thousands of butterflies flew around us, and we even met two pink flamingoes who love attention. Now we’re on a sunset dinner cruise for two.

We still have another week here. Most of it’ll be spent at the beach, but we’ll shop on one of the days, and we have reservations for a booze cruise on another.

The best part is the surprise I have planned for Sienna on the way back. A little detour to a place she told me she’s always wanted to go—Las Vegas.

I planned for two nights there as the final leg of the trip, but she still has no clue.

Sometimes I feel I need to pinch myself. Is this really Sienna Anderson sitting next to me? Am I really in love with the girl we all thought was crazy difficult?

Yes, yes, I am. And I love every second of it.

Because Sienna is so much more than what was on the surface. She has so much to give and offer, and so much good beneath her pain.

I thank Mason every day for teaching me a valuable lesson.

That there is always some good inside everyone. Whether we choose to see it or not, whether we want to look hard enough or don’t, it’s there. Maybe hiding under pain or snuffed out from years of hardship. Whatever it is, try to see it before the judgment comes.

“I love you, Queenie,” I whisper in her ear, and when she turns her face toward mine, our lips touch in a soft kiss.

“I love you, Rem. Always.”

Did you love reading more of Remi & Sienna? All that yummy enemies to lovers goodness mixed with forced proximity and one bed? Hell yahs!

The next book in the series is all about Holden & Lennox, our sexy nerdy boy and party girl coming together as friends with benefits to maybe more hmmm??

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