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Bonus Epilogue- Drew & Mable

Thank you so much reading Finding Me. Drew & Mable are so amazing. My first real friends to lovers story and I enjoyed writing it and experiencing a new trope. Enjoy your exclusive bonus epilogue of Drew & Mable only available to my newsletter subscribers. 

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Bonus Epilogue


It’s the last stop of the tour.
Orlando, Florida.
And yes, we are definitely hitting up Disney World and Universal Studios before we head home.
I can’t believe the summer is coming to a close already. It feels like we were boarding the bus for the first time just yesterday. 
And what a summer it’s been. From city to city, concert to concert, party to after-party to press releases and pictures, it’s been nonstop. At least for the boys anyway.
Raina and I managed to sneak in some girl time whenever the boys were busy with things we didn’t attend like rehearsals. We’d look up the nearest local pizza shop, order massive amounts of pizza, and binge movies upon movies. 
I missed our pizza movie marathons more than I realized. It’s nice we shared this time together because it’s a perfect way to decompress.
“This summer has been incredible,” Raina says before biting into a large slice of pepperoni pizza. It’s our last marathon day, seeing as tonight is the last concert, and the boys are rehearsing until then with a break only for dinner, which we’ll join them for. “I think I’m more excited for this week coming up, though.”
“I know. Me too. The guys won’t be so busy, and hello, Disney World.” I grin and bounce in place next to Rai. 
“We can be geeky tourists!” Raina laughs around her mouthful of pizza. “You know you wanna wear the Mickey ears with me.”
“Hell yeah, girl. Maybe I should switch my hair to red to match? Like fire red.” My eyes grow wide as I think of what the red might look like. And then I burst into a fit of giggles. 
Raina shakes her head in amusement. “You’d look stunning in any color.”
“Aw, Rai. You flatter me.” I finish off my slice of pizza and grab another. “Speaking of flattery, Levi has done an amazing job this summer. All the parties, all the booze, I mean, damn. He’s gotta be extra strong because of this career and lifestyle. I admire him.”
Raina’s eyes well with tears. “Oh, Mable, thank you so much for noticing. He really has done amazing. And he thanks me for being the reason. But he really doesn’t give himself enough credit.” 
I put down my slice of pizza and wrap an arm around my best friend. Resting my head on her shoulder, I listen to her sniffles and smile. Her heart is so big. “And you should give yourself more. You’re a big part of Levi’s success and a great friend.”
“So are you. Drew’s the happiest I’ve seen him, and I know that’s all you.” 
Now it’s my turn for the tears to fill my eyes. “Alright, it’s getting too sappy in here,” I say as I sit up and wipe away the tears that so badly want to fall. “It’s time for a funny movie. I can’t handle being all in my feels.”
“You know you love it,” Raina teases. “Besides, it’s chick flicks only. So pick a funny one.”
“How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.”
“Good choice, my friend. Good choice.”

“Your last show, babe. I’m so fucking proud of you.” I grip the sides of his face and stare down into his gorgeous eyes. I’m straddling his lap, having snuck in the rehearsal area right before he takes the stage.
Drew runs his hands over my shoulders and down my back until he reaches my ass. He squeezes and moves my hips against his. “Mmm, you’re so fucking perfect, Mab,” he responds. He tilts his head to the side and moves in to capture my lips in a kiss, his sweet taste intoxicating. “Thank you for being here to support me. Seeing you in the crowd or peeking out from behind the curtains, your blue hair and glowing face shining directly at me.”
“It’s all for you, babe. I can’t take my eyes off you. Watching you play drums is fucking hot as hell.”
Drew laughs. “No wonder you’re always horny.”
“I’m always horny for you. My sexy drummer boy.” Using the tips of my feet against the floor, I lift my hips and grind back down against him. He’s hard beneath me, which might be a bit of a problem. I’ve never gotten this close to him right before he’s about to go on stage, never mind walk out there with an erection.
I giggle against his lips as I think of it. And then I push off him, though every part of me fights against it. Drew grabs my waist and pulls me back. “Hey, don’t go yet.”
“You know they’ll be calling you any minute now, and if Lee sees me back here, he’ll get pissed.” I wrap my arms around his neck, but I don’t sit back on his lap even as he tries to tug me down. 
“You started it,” Drew grumbles as his hands slide over every inch of my body. I shiver beneath his touch.
“I know. Which is why I’m stopping it.” I kiss his lips and slip my tongue inside, pouring every bit of love I have for him in it. When I break away, we’re both left panting. “Have a great last show. I love you.”
Drew smacks my ass and grins. His eyes are dark and hooded. Fuck, I want him so bad, but I know we can’t. “I love you.”
And then I’m out the door to find Raina. We’re staying backstage tonight, watching from the curtain sidelines. The view isn’t as good, but we’re so much closer. When they run back for a break and to gulp water, we sneak a few kisses, which we can’t do if we’re in the crowd.
Raina’s in our usual spot. She’s watching Levi, who’s on stage running soundchecks. 
“Hey!” I say when I reach the spot. I watch as Drew appears from the other side of the stage, walking over to his drum set. He looks flushed and bothered, exactly the way I’m feeling. 
I grin to myself. It was fun, no matter how wrong it was.
“Someone’s happy.” Rai watches me, her gaze like a sunbeam burning through me before she turns back to Levi. “So that’s where you scampered off to, huh.”
Dammit, she’s good. Of course she’d figure it out.
“To the bathroom, you mean? Too many of those damn slushes.” 
“Whatever you say, girl. You ain’t foolin’ no one. And neither is Drew,” Rai teases.
Just as she says his name, he looks over, and when our eyes find each other, he winks. A spark runs through me. I can’t wait until I get him alone later. 
“You’re a love-sick puppy,” Raina singsongs.
I turn and look at her, unable to hold back my snort. “Look who’s talking! You haven’t stopped looking at zLevi.”
Rai tosses her head back as loud laughter escapes from her throat. “That is true. Guess we both are.”
“You know you love it.”
“So do you.”
Raina’s not lying. I do love it. Every damn second of it. 


She sings every song.
Dances to every beat.
Claps the loudest for me.
Especially during my drum solo.
And smiles at me through it all.
She’s glowing with our love, and if I thought she was beautiful before, she’s absolutely stunning now.
As soon as I saw her blue hair sneak into the rehearsal room, my heart slammed behind my rib cage and desire shot straight to my dick. I had a chub before her sexy ass even straddled me. 
Knowing she wasn’t supposed to be in there added a thrill, and I couldn’t keep my hands off her. Every day just gets better with her, and I can’t believe how fucking lucky I am. 
During the after-party, Mable’s by my side, always patient and friendly. She carries conversation easier than I, and when she sees me struggle, she jumps right in. 
She’s fucking perfect for me. 
Hours later, we practically crawl back to the bus. I might be exhausted, but I still have energy to satisfy my need for her, and I know she wants a release, too.
Mable slides into bed with just a tank top on, and as soon as she wiggles herself against me, her back to my front, I can’t help myself. I need to touch her. My hands slide to the end of her tank top, and I lift the light fabric up and over her head. Her beautiful breasts pop out and fall into my hands. Their perfect round shape drives me wild. 
I caress them, and my thumbs graze over her pert nipples. She moans and arches her back against me, filling my hands full of more of her. 
My dick hardens against her ass, and I move one hand down to grab it before slapping the skin. I run one finger down her crack, and she groans louder. Moving my one hand still on her breast, I gently grab the back of her neck and pull her against me, exposing her neck. I use my other hand to hitch her leg up and wrap it around mine. 
When my fingers find her pussy, she’s wet and panting. I slide one finger down her slit and back up, stopping to play with her clit. Over and over, I repeat the motion until she’s begging.
“What, baby? Say what you want,” I whisper in her ear before I lick the edge and press my cock harder against her ass cheek.
“I want your big fat dick inside me,” Mable says between pants.
“Say it again,” I grit out, overcome with desire.
“Fuck me, Drew. Fuck me with your hard cock.”
I grab my dick and line it up from behind, with both of us still on our side. And then I grip her waist and plunge in deep while my other hand wraps around her throat. 
She cries out, and I pick up speed. Harder, faster, deeper.
I want to slow down and take my time, but I can’t. 
It’s too damn good.
So fucking good.
My orgasm builds until I’m unraveling and riding the waves of pleasure. “Fuck, Mab. I love you so fucking much.”
“I love you so much. Shit, that was amazing.”
“Sequel scheduled for four hours from now. Get some sleep.” I nip at her neck, and she squeals, wiggling her ass against my still semi-hard cock.
Life with her is better than I ever could’ve imagined.
I finally feel complete.

If you've enjoyed the series so far, be sure to check out the next book in the series- Saving Me! It's Dean & Kinsley's romance, and finally Dean gets his happily ever after! But of course not without a lot of heartbreak first! I was so happy to finally give him what he deserves- true love!

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