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A brand NEW blurb for House Rules is here!! Cover Reveal Coming 10/24!!

I know, I know. I've been quiet and not around much lately. It's because I've been deep in my writing hole working on House Rules. I've revamped the plot, have a new blurb, and a NEW cover coming soon!!

Finally! The time has come to reveal some of my secrets!!

Check out the cool information below and make sure you hop over to Facebook and join my group so you stay up to date and see things FIRST!! Click the picture below to join!!

I'll be in touch soon!



House Rules- A Brand NEW standalone romance #lyssacolebooks #comingsoon

Cover Reveal Coming 10/24!!

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Rules are meant to broken, not hearts.


Rules. Follow the House Rules, Emma.

Growing up, that’s all my mother would say.

In order to find love and happiness, follow the rules...

I believed those rules. I followed them, lived by them, loved by them.

But at the end of the day, I'm still not happy. Alone.

Always trying to help everyone else find their happiness as I fall further down into a deep, dark hole.

Until, the day Knox broke those rules and set me free.


Love is pure... love is happiness... love is life.

That’s what I was told.

But I’ve learned the hard way. Love will break your heart.

It'll leave you cold and hurt. Scrambling and lost. Shattered.

I’ll never allow myself to fall again.

Until Emma. my life without warning.

Her entire being calls to me, filling me with hope.

I’m lost without her. My mind screams at me to run and never look back.

But I can’t. A relentless, unyielding force keeps me in place.

I spend my life helping others. Isn't it time I help myself?

**Steamy, explicit sex. 18+ recommended.

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