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Broken is Now Available!

Broken is Book 4 in the Sierra Cove Series and features Holden & Lennox's romance!

🏝 Opposites Attract 🗻 Friends to Lovers 🏝 Party Girl/Nerdy Boy 🗻 Friends with Benefits 🏝 New Adult College Romance 🗻 Angsty & Steamy

✨ Blurb ✨

Parties, hookups, and nonstop fun. That’s what I wanted from college. Preparing for my future? No thanks. Pretend it’s not happening? Sure thing.

Because when life breaks you apart and gives you more baggage than you care to cart around, you take control however you can. For me it's in the bedroom, backseat, kitchen counter, or wherever I want. I am the one in control. If I want to have a few drinks and party my way into some hot guy’s pants, so be it.

Holden can judge me all he wants. Just because it isn’t his way of taking control, doesn’t mean I have to change mine. I mean other than that he is a pretty cool guy, even though he's kind of nerdy. And sexy. And somehow irresistible…

Then one night, my carefully constructed house of cards comes tumbling down and who is there to catch me? Holden…

And as luck would have it we end up at the same job on campus. Who knew the party girl extraordinaire would start falling for the hot nerdy guy? But can he see past my history, fight his own demons, and want me for who I can become? Or in the end, are we just too different?

Please Note- Three days after release, this book will move into Kindle Unlimited for a 30 day period. Grab it on the other retailers now!

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