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Damage is Now Available!


Damage, Book 3 in the Sierra Cove Series is now available everywhere!

Whats inside their story:

💜 Enemies to Lovers 💜 Forced Proximity 💜 Stuck in a Snowstorm 💜 One Bed


I’m the reason he died that night. Everyone says I’m not, but I know the truth. I’m unlovable. Hell, I can’t even keep a friend for long. How did I ever think someone could love me? When I’m asked to go on a ski trip, I know I should say no. I shouldn’t be there. I don’t deserve to be. And it turns out, I’m right. Disaster strikes. I end up stuck in a snowstorm with the last person I ever expected to have to share a bed with. He doesn’t let me hide when I want to, he’s too nice, too understanding, and he drives me crazy. How can he see beauty in me when all I see is ugly? The boy who reminds me in every way of the boy who broke my heart. The boy I have to stay away from. Before I destroy him too.

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