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A NEW cover for House Rules is here!!

Ahhh the day has finally come for the gorgeous new cover of House Rules to be revealed!!

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And, scroll below for the prologue for House Rules and also a BRAND NEW teaser!!

I'm so excited to share this book with you!

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Xx, Lyssa


She was at it again. Why did she have to pick the day I can sleep in to start with her House Rules. They had been drilled in my head since as long as I can remember.

1. Don’t mix business with pleasure; no dating of co-workers allowed.

2. No sex before the first five dates.

3. There’s no such thing as insta-love. Love has to grow over time and be nurtured.

4. Don’t date someone below your own education level.

5. Don’t date someone who makes less money than you do.

6. Don’t date outside of your religion.

7. Don’t date outside of your race.

8. A clean-slate is a must. No previous marriages or children.

9. There will be no living together until marriage.

10. He MUST meet the approval of the family before a marriage were to occur.

Did she think I had forgotten anything?

Her voice penetrated my door. I groaned, pulled the pillow over my head, ignoring her and turned on to my other side, away from the door. Eventually, hopefully, she would get the hint and go away.

“Emma, do you hear me. You need to get up and get ready. There are big plans in the works today. House Rules plans. Emma!”

The door handle rattled. Thank god for the lock. No way she was getting in. I pulled the pillow tighter around my head and pictured a nice, calm beach…without my mother. I smiled and drifted back off to dreamland. My mother’s demanding tone fading into the background.

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