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A Special Sale!

Hi all!!

I'm back again with a special sale!!

Grab Stripped Bare for only 99 cents!

Special Sale this Weekend ONLY!!

Stripped Bare (Love & Trust Series, #1)

Maddie I had to get away. Away from the darkness, away from the evil. After carefully planning, I ran. But what I didn’t plan for was meeting him. And then my whole world was upside down. Who do I trust? Because I think he is hiding something…

Jax I just landed the biggest job I have ever had before. I had to complete it and complete it well. Just get the girl, bring her home, get the money. But then I saw her and that was it. I wanted her as mine and only mine. I have to finish this job or my career is over. But I just can’t let her go…

**Steamy, explicit sex. 18+ recommended. Sensitive subject material.

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