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A summer anthology coming soon!

Hey lovlies!

i always mean to get on here more often and just free write about my life but something usually comes up and I’m pulled away.

A little update on my boyfriend and I recently became more serious and he moved in. He's an amazing guy and a hard worker. I’m so happy and lucky to have found him.

Theres still adjustments that come along with it, especially with children involved but we‘re taking it all in thing and one day at a time.

I work my full time job because I have to pay bills but I’d love to write full time one day and travel. I was 24 when I had my son and 28 when I had my daughter so while I wasn't young per se, my children will be full grown when I hit my mid-40s and I’m going to be so ready to spread my wings. There’s so many places I want to see and thankfully Bill wants to travel too.

Fantastic Fucking Forties here we come! 😂

Okay so let’s get to the good stuff..

Talk soon! Or I’ll def try anyways 😂

Cover reveal for Gone Coastal anthology AND chapter 7 of Twisted Fate will happen on Saturday June 15th! Don’t miss them or the cover reveal giveaway!


Gone Coastal

A Sizzling Summer Beach Anthology

Six authors have come together to set your summer on fire.

Beach Daze by Cari Robe

Five Words by DL Gallie

Beach Beauty by Brittany Summers

Pull Me Deep by Kate Stacy

Love Bites by Cassie Leigh

Swept Away by Lyssa Cole

Cover Reveal & Pre-Order Links ~~ June 15th!

Releasing ~~ July 27th!

Add to your TBR list

All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to Oceana. Visit for more details about the charity.

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