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Cover & Blurb Reveal for Collide!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I LOVE this cover and this couple SO SO much. I am so excited to reveal the blurb and cover to you!!


Collide is Book 2 in the new Sierra Cove Series and features Madison & Asher's Romance.

This will be a brother's best friend romance with more info coming soon!

You can preorder now! Only 99c if you order directly from my shop!


You know those special crushes you get as a teen? The ones that keep you awake at night and dreaming during the day?

Yeah, the soul-sucking kind.

But all they ever are is a crush.

Especially since mine is my brother's best friend.

He’s always there. So hard to forget, so hard to resist.

But I see the looks. I feel the heat from his stare and catch the glimpses he thinks no one sees.

Asher Russell, is the boy I want but can never have. The boy who is off limits. The boy I never stop thinking about.

Yet, after an unexpected tragedy crushes our world, it leaves us colliding in ways we never thought before.

How will I stay away when he is the only one who shares my pain?

🐚 Release Date- 12/8/22

All books will be standalones, and while the series will be more enjoyable if read in order, the books can be read as complete standalone stories.

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