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Cover Reveal for Ghostin' You!

It's here!! The second cover in my series is a beauty and I'm sooo happy to show you!! This cover is so perfect, following in line with Lovin' You having Levi on its cover, this has Raina on it. Isn't she gorgeous??

Woot I'm soo excited!! Make sure you also check out my giveaway happening over on my Facebook page- the pinned post of course!

Also, today is the LAST day to pre-order this beauty for only 99c!!

And, I wanted to reveal just a bit more about the series- book 2, Ghostin' You, will end on another cliffhanger. Book 3, Forever You, will conclude with a HEA. Book 4, Finding Me, is a spin-off to the series but it will contain spoilers to the previous books and won't be considered a standalone. That being said, book 3 will be out around the end of August and I will release book 4 in 2021 as I will be focusing on my world books for the rest of 2020.

Ghostin’ You, Book 2 of the You & Me Series

Releasing July 16th

Book two of this interconnected series continues with broken hearts and love in all the wrong places...

The last thing I expected to do was walk away from him.

My heart broke in two, my world cold and empty.

While I fell into the arms of another,

He lost himself to alcohol and parties.

I tried to pick up the pieces, tried to move on,

But the days were long, and the nights were longer.

Dean was there, with open arms, and promises of a future,

One I didn’t want but thought I needed.

Levi haunts my dreams while Dean is there to wipe away my tears.

One destroys me, while the other makes me better.

But sometimes better isn’t best and sometimes you can’t help but choose what destroys you.

I should be ghostin’ him while lovin’ you but instead my heart beats for you both.

How will I choose?

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