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💜 Cover Reveal for Sweeter Pleasures!! 💜

The beautiful ebook and paperback cover are below! Check them out and be sure to grab your copy now while it's still only 99 cents!

#lyssacolebooks #preorder #newrelease Blurb A sweet & sexy love story about giving love a second chance even when dark secrets come into play... I thought I had it all. The perfect man. The perfect life. The perfect everything. But then when he left me on our honeymoon for some chick he just met two days into our trip, my world changed in the blink of a moment. I went home with my tail tucked between my legs and swore men off forever. Two years later, I finally accomplished my dream of opening my own bakery. I planned on being so successful, I wouldn't need a man. I got laid when I wanted to and had no one to answer to. What else would I ever need? A relationship would only complicate my life. That all changed the day my new baker came strolling into the kitchen. All muscles and ink, a sexy, charming personality, and an even more deliciously handsome face and that was it- I was done for. We began a whirlwind relationship, not being able to get enough of each other. But we both had our secrets lurking in the past. I was still married, the asshole never agreeing to sign divorce papers, until one day he shows up begging at my doorstep to take him back, that he made a big mistake. While, my baker had a secret of his own that showed up too. But his was worse, much worse. Love complicates everything... but it is also the sweetest pleasure there is. Can it be worth risking all that you have worked so hard for only to be destroyed again? What happens when Bree's world turns upside down only to be put back together again by the last thing she wants. Can Drake show her love she needs but doesn't want? **Bringing you one of my fun stories with lots of banter, heat, love, sex, and of course some suspense. As always, no cheating and always a HEA! 18+ content with sexual relationships, some violence, and some tough situations. Pre-order links US➡ UK➡ CA➡ AU➡ Add to goodreads:

~~*~~Will be FREE on KU when released!!~~*~~

After it finishes in KU, it will be released on iTunes, Nook, & Kobo. 💜



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