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Happy 2018!!

GUYS! Can you believe 2018 is here?? It's insane! But let's make it the best year we can.

And how do we do that, do you ask?

By reading of course. Lol.

And, I'm going to dedicate myself to blogging more and writing more. I want to publish more books and bring you fun content on my blog we can all enjoy.

I'll be doing theme days and also theme days in my Facebook group if you'd like to join.

I'm going to try to post everyday but sometimes life happens so please forgive me. If you never want to miss a post signup HERE to be subscribed to my blog.

Okay let's get to the good stuff.

It's Wednesday (yay) aka Hump Day aka #WIPWednesday!!

So I'm going to give you a bit of Love in Disguise!

**NOT edited, subject to changes, owned by Lyssa Cole


“Get on your knees.” Gabe demands.

I swallow past the lump in my throat, my heart thumping in my chest. “No.”

Gabe’s eyes flash. He hates being told no. Oh well, big boy.

He grasps both sides of my face and before I can protest, he crashes his lips to mine, forcing them open with his tongue. His hands work their way into my hair as his fingers wrap around the curly strands.

He breaks the kiss as he pushes my head back, his hands pulling at my hair. I gasp as his warm tongue licks my neck, his movements precise as he sucks and nibbles all over my delicate skin.

I shiver as pulses of heat shoot straight down my core. Fuck, I could orgasm from his kiss.

The kisses stop and I groan, instantly missing his warmth. My eyes find his, his hands still woven into my hair.

“Get on your knees.” Gabe whispers against my lips and I shake my head no. Who in the hell does he think he is? I’m not dropping to my knees just because he says so.

Gabe slides his hands down over my shoulders and under my arms. In a second, I’m lifted off the ground, my feet dangling helplessly as Gabe toss me over his shoulder.

I yelp, the butterflies suddenly caught in a tornado. I try to move, but it’s no use. Gabe slaps my ass and carries me away from my living room and down the hall.

“If you don’t want to be a good girl and listen, you’ll be punished.” He slaps my ass again as his feet find my bedroom.

I shriek, my own hands slapping his rock hard ass. He doesn’t even flinch. “I don’t have to listen to you.” I snap. God, he makes my blood boil yet hot at the same time.

Gabe tosses me onto the bed, my body bouncing on the soft mattress. Before I can scramble away, he’s crawling up my body. He grabs both of my wrists with one hand and pins them above my head. I blink in surprise.

“Can’t get away, can you, babe?” Gabe growls before running his tongue along my jaw and up to my ear. I buck beneath him but it’s no use.

I itch to touch him. I close my eyes as he drives me wild with his tongue. I’ve yet to see him naked but damn, do I want to. I’ve pictured it every damn day since I laid eyes on him. His fitted shirt hugs every defined muscle and I know there must be a six pack hidden under there. His biceps bulge with each move he makes and I’m sure he can bench press an impressive number.

“Are you ready to get on your knees now?” His hot breath tickles my ear and I bite back a moan. I’m so turned on, I’ll do anything at this point.

“Will you get on your knees for me?” I whisper. He stills and my eyes fly open, his handsome face smirking down at me.

“My little spitfire. You drive me fucking crazy.” Gabe breaths before capturing my mouth in a deep kiss.

I hope you enjoyed Alicia & Gabe. They're HOT!

Preorder coming SOON!

Find out more about Love & Disguise HERE!

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More soon!



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