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Happy New Year! Plus a free book every month!

Happy New Year!! Here's to 2021, let's hope it's better than 2020! Even with all the craziness, I still enjoyed writing and publishing words for you, my amazing reader, and I can't wait to show you what I have in store for 2021!!

Peace out 2020! But thank you for all the stories you brought us!

AND! I have a new book club to introduce you to!

How does a free book every month sound?!

Being a romance rebel means you never go to bed alone! I'm excited to announce I've partnered with eleven other authors to bring you the steamy romance read you crave, ensuring there's always a book boyfriend waiting to keep you warm.

What's better, it's FREE!

Signing up is simple! Subscribe to our newsletter and you'll be notified when your freebie is ready for download, or when one of our featured authors has a new release!

Participating Authors:

TL Smith

Isabel Lucero

Molly McLain

Claudia Burgoa

Joslyn Westbrook

Lyssa Cole

Rebecca Jenshak

Charity Ferrell

Rebecca Sharp

Brooke O'Brien

Holly Renee

Jeana E. Mann

Sign up today HERE!!

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