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I'm So Excited!!!

I am so excited to finally share

with you a teaser of my upcoming

FIRST FULL LENGTH novel coming this April!!

it's called stripped bare & it's so sexy!

The teaser came out gorgeous from the wonderful work of Amanda Walker.

Go check her out at

Here is the's definitely going to leave you wanting MORE!

I also hope you are enjoying

the new cover to Taking Risks.

Antoher beautiful design done by Amanda Walker.

I have had great reviews so far and everyone

wants more which I can't even believe!

I am in such awe as I was so nervous to finally

get my work out there.

Thank you so much to everyone. I wouldn't

be anywhere without readers.

I am an avid reader myself, I have been

before I even thought about writing.

I rate and review books, share what books I am reading, and discuss them with friends and family.

I am so ecstatic to be writing my own now

and I hope I give readers the same pleasure

that books have always given me.

They are always there for you even when the world isn't.

Enjoy your weekend and your hot book boyfriends!

Until Next Time,

Lyssa Cole

Below is the new cover for Taking Risks, in case you missed it!

Oh & P.S. I am now on Bookbub! Visit me here!

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