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My ARC Readers are LOVING Stripped Bare!!!

It's so hard to put yourself out there and let others judge you. It's actually pretty terrifying.

So to hear reviews of readers loving my book just means the absolute world to me, more than they (you!) could ever know and it inspires me to keep on writing every day- bringing more stories, more fun, and I hope I grow and develop as a writer.

Stripped Bare releases this Saturday and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's my first full length novel and I am so ecstatic to share it with all of you!!

Check out some reviews below and Stripped Bare is also available for Pre-Order on Nook, Kobo, & iTunes now!!! Get it while it's still only 99 cents!!!

~~THIS BOOK DESERVES MORE THAN 5 STARS!!!!! I have to start out by saying OH MY GOD!!!! Unbelievably, this is Lyssa Cole's debut full length novel, and it is incredible! Stripped Bare will take you on a huge roller coaster of emotions starting from page one. Once I started the book, I was unable to stop, always being on the edge and not knowing what was about to happen next. Lyssa Cole has found a fan for life and I hope that she continues to write this amazing and beautiful stories. ~~Christina, Goodreads

~~Ah!! This book was so amazing!! I had my doubts at the beginning but Lyssa blew it out of the park. And just when you think it's over, it's not! I love her writing style and everything flowed so easy. My eyes were glued to the words I couldn't put this book down. Definitely a fun and easy read, but with a lot of action and a rollercoaster ride of emotions. ~~Liv Moore, Author

~~This is a page turner!! I went in, having not read any of the authors first books. I was a bit doubtful in the beginning, but she proved me wrong. I love books like this. I love when you find a 'new-to-me' author, and they make you a believer. The plot and writing style were smooth. The characters were well developed, and I promise, you will NEED to know the fate of Jax and Maddie! If you are looking or great chemistry and all the feels, give this a one-click!! ~~Tiff, Goodreads

~~I loved this book! It was dark and parts were horrible because of what happened to the heroine but it definitely had a lot of bright spots. The hero was great! Smooth and charming and incredibly hot. Jax and Maddie are explosive on the page and I loved every moment of them together. This book had me from the start and I fell in love. Anybody who loves dark romance will love this book! It was so good! Definitely check this out! ~~Rebecca, Goodreads

~~An exceptional debut from Lyssa, with a plot that'll grab you emotionally and have to riveted. This page turner is action packed with twists and explosive chemistry. ~~SouthernAngel, Goodreads

🌟 Releasing 4/1/17 🌟

~~**Pre-Order Now while it's only 99 cents!!!**~~

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Maddie I had to get away. Away from the darkness, away from the evil. After carefully planning, I ran. But what I didn’t plan for was meeting him. And then my whole world was upside down. Who do I trust? Because I think he is hiding something… Jax I just landed the biggest job I have ever had before. I had to complete it and complete it well. Just get the girl, bring her home, get the money. But then I saw her and that was it. I wanted her as mine and only mine. I have to finish this job or my career is over. But I just can’t let her go… Maddie Kaplan is running from her life. All she has is her laptop and a few hundred dollars to her name. In order to make ends meet, she begins anonymously making strip tease videos. Suddenly, her fan base grows overnight, and she meets Jax who enjoys her videos immensely. Jax Brownell just scored the biggest job he has ever had in his career. He needs to find Maddie Kaplan and bring her back home to her family, one of the biggest crime families in America. Jax helps the bad guys out, the adrenaline rush the best part of his job. When Jax lays eyes on Maddie for the first time, he knows he is in trouble. This job just got a whole lot harder. He begins messaging her after finding her videos and won't give up until she responds. She has to resist, she must resist, but there is something addicting about him, the lust she feels for him making her want to explode. And then it is too late...Maddie is drowning in him and soon, the life she was running from, is going to find her and rip everything apart....leaving secrets to be revealed. **Bringing you one of my fun stories with lots of banter, heat, love, sex, and of course some suspense. As always, no cheating and always a HEA! 18+ content with sexual relationships, some violence, and some tough situations. Cover by Amanda Walker Designs Editing by Sarah Banks Formatting by Shannoff Formats

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