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My Newsletter Sign Up is Here!

Hey Everyone!! Happy Sunday!!

It is currently snowing again's like winter hit us all in one weekend. We have literally had one storm is entire winter and now its coming all at once. I have been snowed in for the past few days, though we did venture out for a little while yesterday.

Now it is snow again hard and we are expecting another 8-12 inches through tonight into tomorrow morning! Crazy! How is the weather where you are? Hopefully someone is in the sun!

So anyway....on to the good stuff...being snowed in and not having to go to my day job has given me enough time to have my novella House Rules available for you for FREE! This novella isn't published anywhere else and is exclusive to this offer. All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter- Lyssa's Lustful Newsletter which the first edition should be out sometime this week!!

As always, let me know what you think of the book. There isn't a place to leave reviews so please tell me what you think by simply emailing me- or connecting with me on any social platform ;)

You can click on that deliciously smokin' cover below and sign up through instafreebie- my sign up is also on my home page.

**Also!! I am going to be doing sign ups for my ARC team again. Stripped Bare is coming out 4/1 and I will be having ARCS ready to get the reviews within that important first week! Let me know if you want IN! Email me at and I'll add you in!

Much love and until next time....


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