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Pre-Order for Love in Disguise & a NEW Title & Blurb Reveal!!


Love in Disguise is coming soon!! 3/15- Mark your calendars girls!! See below for all the deets and links!! Plus a new teaser! Teasers are still my fav...I think they always will sexy you know?

I'm so excited to share my new title and blurb reveal with you!! Brand NEW and so exciting!

My new title is Long Road Home and it's an angsty romance with one of my fav story lines...a sort of second chance romance with childhood's got the feels and I'm in love with these characters...I hope you love them, too! Enjoy the blurb below & other special info!!



Love in Disguise Pre-Order!

Love in Disguise is NOW available on Pre-Order for iTunes, Nook, & Kobo. It'll be available for Pre-Order on Amazon on 3/1. Once it releases on 3/15, it will be taken off the other retailers and move into KU so please grab it now if you're a non-Amazon reader!

Special Pre-Order Price of 99 cents!!

Click HERE for a release alert email!

Long Road Home


I loved her since the day I saw her outside my bedroom window.

I loved her since we were digging for bugs in the sandbox.

I still loved her when she left me.

We were best friends.

I watched her move away to college, holding her as she cried.

She never came back.

Until tragedy struck seven years later, returning her home broken, battered, and lost.

Into my arms she fell. And, I fell right along with her.

Secrets, lies, and all.


I came back home. A different person. A shell of myself.

He was there. He was always there.

I couldn’t stop myself.

His sweet words, his warm arms, his soft kisses.

They drew me in, under a spell, made me feel loved. Made me forget.

Without warning, my past came back, rip roaring through town.

Teared us down and threatened our love.

Truths were exposed and secrets shattered.

Would he still love me when he knew?

Cover Reveal 3/27/18!!

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