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Stripped Bare is NOW Available for Pre-Order!! Special Pre-Order Price of 99 CENTS!!!

Stripped Bare Lyssa Cole PRE-ORDER SALE 99 CENTS ~~~~~> Click here to pre-order!! My First Full Length Novel

Releasing April 1st!! It is Now Available for Pre-Order!!

Preview of the Description: Maddie I had to get away. Away from the darkness, away from the evil. After carefully planning, I ran. But what I didn’t plan for was meeting him. And then my whole world was upside down. Who do I trust?

Because I think he is hiding something… Jax I just landed the biggest job I have ever had before. I had to complete it and complete it well. Just get the girl, bring her home, get the money. But then I saw her and that was it. I wanted her as mine and only mine. I have to finish this job or my career is over. But I just can’t let her go… Cover Reveal Coming Soon!!

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