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Sweeter Pleasures is ON SALE!! Happy Labor Day!!

Hi my fab readers!!

It's been a while since my last newsletter- I've been working on House Rules like crazy with lots of rewrites and revisions. And then the summer with my kids has been busy and on top of that, I began some online classes! Phew!

But there is going to be some surprising things coming up for House Rules and I can't wait to share them! Stay tuned!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer!! Fall is my favorite season- sweaters, leggings, boots, and of course Halloween and pumpkins!! But most importantly, kids go back to school whoohoo!! *happy dance*

Now for the most important part- Sweeter Pleasures is on sale this weekend to celebrate Labor Day!! Grab it now for $0.99! Price goes back up on Tuesday 9/5.

As always, hit me up whenever you want!! And come join me on Facebook for some fun!



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