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Time to go back in the past!

Hey guys!

Guess what???

It's Thursday!!

That's right and here on my blog it's #ThrowbackThursday

How should we celebrate??

Let's take a look at my very first release...

Stripped Bare

Oh, Maddie and Jax. My first story...

I wake with a start, someone tapping my shoulder. I gasp and quickly stand, jumping back, panic flooding my body, my ear bud falling out, my phone clattering to the ground, pulling the ear buds right along with it.

“I’m sorry, there young lady. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to let you know the bus is here.”

The older man points to the bus, his eyes filled with concern. “Are you alright?” I nod quickly, unable to make eye contact. I whisper a quick thank you, swoop down and grab my phone and ear buds, and dart on the bus as fast as I could. I hand over my ticket and rush to the back, sliding into the last corner booth. There is only one other person on the bus besides the older man now getting on. I hope there isn’t much more.

The air in the bus is hot and thick. I feel like I couldn’t breathe, trapped somewhere with no fresh air. It smells faintly of body odor and perfume. I feel nauseous at the thought of the long ride ahead, the bus not the most comfortable of transportation choices.

I couldn’t believe I had fallen asleep. I rub my eyes, trying to clear my head. I am so stupid. What if I had been found while sleeping? Fuck, Maddie. Get it together!

I stare out the window, willing the bus to just hurry up and go. The sooner we start moving, the better. I am staying on this bus to the very end of the route which was across the country. I found the longest route and saved every dollar I could slowly steal off my father and brother.

What am I going to do when I get there? No fucking clue but I figured I would go from there once I actually made it there. I could be captured before then. Who fucking knows with my family. I had to be very careful, keeping my head down and not speaking to many people.

Just then, a dark haired man gets on the bus. He glances my way and ice runs down my back as soon as my eyes meet his. No. No no no. It can’t be. Not already.

I look away quickly and pretend I didn’t just make eye contact. He is moving closer to me; I can see it from the corner of my eye.

But then he slides into a booth a few ahead of me and puts on a pair of headphones.

I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding. The woman across from me, who was on the bus before me, gives me a strange look, her pretty features crinkling in the process. I smile and look away.

This is going to be a long fucking ride.

Want to read more of their story? Go grab your copy and then hold onto your Kindle for a wild ride!!

Stripped Bare (Love & Trust Series, #1)


Want to know more about Stripped Bare? Click HERE!

My FAV Teaser for Stripped Bare ;)

Until we meet again,



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