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A little tease of Promise Me Tomorrow- Releasing in just 2 days!

Only TWO days left!!

Here's a little snippet to hold you over....

Promise Me Tomorrow

A Moonflower Collection Novella

Part of the Leave Me Breathless World

Releasing 10/20/20- Will be Free in KU!

Warm sand squishes between my toes, the fading afternoon sun still radiating heat. My flip-flops dangle in one hand and a blanket in the other as I walk beside Will. He carries a picnic basket, the insides top secret, and a cooler in the other.

Even with the dream hanging over my head and the doubts consuming my thoughts, there’s a spring in my step tonight. Maybe it’s the smile playing on Will’s lips and his playful mood. Or maybe it’s simply the salty warm breeze and calming crashing of waves.

How did Will not bring me here before?

Did I not love the beach?

It makes no sense with how relaxed I feel.

“This is a good spot,” Will announces as he stops in the sand close to the water’s edge. He puts the cooler and picnic basket down before taking the blanket and spreading it over the sand.

I drop my shoes and sit on the blanket, curling my legs beneath me. “I could stay here forever.” I sigh and lean back on my hands, angling my face up to the sky, the sun warming my skin.

“You usually did. Most of the time, though, the dogs keep you from relaxing,” Will explains as he begins pulling things out of both the basket and cooler. I turn my head toward him and watch as he takes out paper plates and silverware along with plastic wine glasses and napkins. Then comes trays of cheese and crackers, fruit and bread, and a frosty bottle of sangria.

My eyes sparkle as I take it all in, including him. His muscular frame is portrayed well in his tight-fitting T-shirt and board shorts, his tan skin, his dark hair lighter in the sun. I’m not sure what I want to devour more—him or dinner. How about both?

“So this was our second date? A picnic on the beach, including alcoholic refreshments?” I grin when he turns to look at me.

“Yep, minus the alcohol. Well…maybe we shared a beer.” Will winks as he hands me two glasses. I hold them out for him while he pops the cork and pours us each a glass. The fruity sangria tickles my nose, and my mouth waters in anticipation. “You talked about this date for days after. I knew it was special to you,” he says with a wink.

While he finishes setting up the food, I sip my wine and watch, my mind going dirty with every thought.

His strong arms, his tight ass.

I’d like to sprinkle some of this wine all over his sexy ass and lick it off.

Licking all the way down until I got.

“Ready to eat?” Will hands me a plate, his question jolting me from my fantasy. I flush, thankful he can’t hear my thoughts.

“Yes, it looks amazing.” My stomach growls as I eye the impressive spread. Wasting no time diving in, I fill my plate with cheese, crackers, and fruit.

As the sun sets over the water, we laugh, talk, and eat. When Will pulls out the second bottle of wine, I clap a bit too excitedly.

I help Will clean up, and he cracks open the second bottle after we finish. I crawl between his legs, resting my back against his torso. Silence falls around us as we watch the sunset, the different shades of orange and pink reflecting off the water.

Warm fingertips trail up my arm, causing a scattering of goose bumps all over. His chest rises and falls against my back, his breath on my neck as his fingers continue their torturous game. I scoot back until the top of my ass presses into his crotch, and I swear I hear a low guttural moan escape the back of his throat.

Leaning my head back on his shoulder, I lift my face toward his, my need for him growing too strong to ignore. I want to give in, to feel his lips against mine and taste their sweet softness. My eyes fall to that sexy mouth of his, and fuck, do I want him.

So. Fucking. Much.

Kiss me, Will.

Kiss me like you never have before.

Make love to me.

Claim me as yours.

When he finally captures my mouth with his, I groan in relief, a balm to my pain. Our kisses grow frantic, our hands roaming all over, two lovers who can’t get enough of each other.

We kiss until our lips are swollen.

Until the stars come out and whisper what they always knew.

We belong together.

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