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Arrogant Assassin is Here!

I can't believe the day is finally here! Arrogant Assassin is now live and free in Kindle Unlimited so go on get your read'll love this fun steamy romance with lots of cute animals!

Or if audiobooks are more your taste, it's available in Audible too!

“Ready?” Ryder walks into the bathroom carrying Brownie and has a towel slung over his left shoulder.

I ignore the change of speed in my pulse, my bastard body betraying me as Ryder kneels beside the tub while I sit on the lid of the toilet. I should grab the cup and wet Brownie’s fur, but I don’t move.

I can’t concentrate on anything but the spark when my bare leg brushes against his arm. Ryder notices too, and his gaze falls to where my leg is.

Heat crawls up my neck to my face. “Shit, where’s the cup?” I look around like an idiot even though I know it’s there in front of me. 

“You mean this one?” Ryder hands me the cup, wearing a playful grin on his lips.

He must know. He must feel it. Just as I do.

Arrogant Assassin

Now Live & Free in KU!

Emma Boone knew he was trouble from the moment she spilled his drink on him.

He had ice-blue eyes, dark hair, and a body built to sin.

Too bad his personality didn’t match.

Arrogant jerk.

If bumping into him during her entire vacation wasn’t enough, she definitely didn’t expect him to be from her hometown.

But there he was, handsome and sexy as ever with a huge attitude to match. One she didn’t care for.

That is, until he needs help, and they find themselves spending a lot of time together.

She gets to see a side of Ryder Stone she didn’t know he had. And now, she only wants more.

But sometimes, you really don’t know someone like you thought. And when truths are revealed, how much can you accept before it all becomes too much?

*A standalone enemies to lovers contemporary romance set in the world of the Cocky Hero Club, specifically the best-selling book, Cocky Bastard by best-selling authors Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward. Emma is the assistant manager of the animal shelter owned by Aubrey, the heroine from Cocky Bastard, in Hermosa Beach, Cali.

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