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Excerpt Reveal!

Lovin’ You will be here in a little over two weeks and I can’t wait to share this story with you and my very first interconnected series!!

I have a special excerpt for everyone today- Happy Sunday!

Releasing May 28th!

Add to Goodreads! Signup for a Release Alert Book one of this interconnected series starts with a mind blowing love that changes the course of their lives forever…

I push the thoughts away and focus on where he’s going as he enters through another door and leads us to a set of stairs. We climb for what seems like an hour. Finally, we make it to the top floor and head through a set of double doors. A cold hallway looms before us, very little light shining in from one single soft bulb. There’s another door at the end and when we get closer, I make out the word Roof. My worrying dissipates as bounce on my feet. When he opens the door, we’re hit with a blast of cold air and climb up a small set of stairs leading us out onto the rooftop. I let go of his hand and jog ahead, making a beeline for the edge. When I reach it, I grip the metal railing and lean forward. The street below is still dark and quiet but further ahead, the city lights up the night. Levi comes up beside me, resting his arms on the steel bar, “Gorgeous, huh?” “How did you find this place?” My breath catches in my throat. “Last year. I… I needed somewhere to go. To get away from it all. The pressures of school, music, life…” His voice drifts off and I peel my eyes off the cityscape to study his profile. His shoulders draw inward as he stares ahead. The rumors Mable told me fill my head. I want to ask questions about last year, prove those shit-talkers wrong but I swallow it down. Levi shakes his head and turns my way. His eyes look dark, sad almost and something inside me tightens. “Anyway,” he continues, “I find a lot of peace here.” “Is it empty during the day, too?” Levi shrugs. “I think so, but I only come at night. Less risk.” “And the door obviously has a broken lock…” “Obviously,” he leans closer, his scent filling the small space. “Such a bad boy,” I whisper. “You haven’t seen anything yet,” he whispers back and licks his lips. His words set a fire inside me. Just how bad is he? God, I want to taste him again. Our breath mixes together, the sweetness of beer and fruity drinks swirl into one heady combination. “So fucking beautiful,” he says before he covers my mouth with his.

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