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Finding Me is Here!!

Ahhhhh the day is finally here!! I am so happy and excited to share Drew and Mable with you! Scroll down for a sexy sneak peek!

And let me know what you think of our couple!

Also make sure you head over to my Facebook page! I'm giving away a mug, keychain, and signed paperback to celebrate!!

Finding Me, Book 4 of the You & Me Series

Now Live! Free in KU!

Love is...complicated.

Full of hurt and empty promises.

He was the last person I thought I’d develop feelings for.

But during those long nights caring for our friends, things happened.

Things changed.

Neither of us knew what to do.

So we stayed friends. Ignored the feelings. Pretended we were the same.

But you can only pretend for so long.

Until love’s strong grasp pulls you down.

The further I fell, the further I ran.

Too bad I can’t run forever.

Even if I could, he’d never stop chasing me.

He needs me like I need him.

Two broken souls finally mending each other.

But my broken soul? What if it isn’t meant to be whole?

*This story features a different couple yet contains major spoilers from the first three books. It is recommended the series be read in order.

“So is your plan then to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” Mable watches me as her eyes drop down my body and back up to my face. When she hands me my glass, I almost drop it, her intense gaze causing me to feel all flustered.

I like that she’s still feeling the same way toward me and not put off from the confusion swirling between us.

“And what if it is?” I sip my drink, the tangy flavor bouncing on my tongue.

Mable shrugs, but she leans over me, bringing her face close to mine. My breath catches in my throat. She’s never come this close before without me starting it.

Kiss me.

Kiss me, Mab.

Instead of her lips, it’s her breath caressing me as she whispers, “Guess we’ll just have to see how lucky you actually are.”

We don’t need to see. I move in for the kiss I so desperately want when… Buzz!

We jump apart.

Dammit, another moment gone in a second.

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