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Happy September!

Happy September! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. Especially with everything going on. Here's to hoping 2021 is better! My kids start school on the 16th and they are doing hybrid. I'm nervous but ready too. I hope remote isn't as bad as I've been hearing!

Besides getting ready for that and going back into the office more, I'm busy finishing up Promise Me Tomorrow and writing away on Arrogant Assassin. Promise Me Tomorrow is super angsty and emotional similar to the series I've been writing. You may remember Will and Juliet from the novella when it was released in the Moonflower Collection. Now, I've added so much more to their story and damn is it steamy and full of that emotion my readers tell me they LOVE from me. I can't wait to share the new cover and the expanded story! Be on the lookout for more!

In two other authors' (Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward) world, I'm writing Arrogant Assassin and it's a nice change of pace. It's more lighthearted and Emma is a funny, scatterbrain you can't help to love and Ryder is HOT and alpha as all hell. That is, until Emma breaks down walls he didn't know he had....eek! I can't wait to share more!! Stay tuned!!

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