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Hey all...sorry it look me a bit to finish up my story about my dating life. Being a single mom and still working full time plus my author career has be SUPER busy. I barely read anymore which saddens me. I try to make time though as it's such a passion of mine and has been since I was a kid. I try to make time for TV still though lol too many good shows to miss! Then again, too many good books not to read!

So let's hit the book news first and then I'll get to the dirt.

Crashing Together is up for pre-order now! Special release price of 99 cents! You can also add it to your Goodreads TBR (is everyone's a million miles long like mine?) and sign up for a release alert. It's set to release May 1st and I can't wait for you to meet Addi and Cole. It's a hot summer story perfect for the upcoming summer season!

A beach? Check

A hot surfer? Check

Lots of hot sex? Check

Summer flings aren’t so bad after all.

Until the summer ends.


Twisted Fate- I'm releasing chapters 5 and 6 this weekend! Double bonus, yahhhs! If you'd like to read this newsletter serial, then be sure to sign up for my newsletter. You'll receive a free book of mine as well for signing up, can't beat that! Plus, each installment has links to the previous chapters so if you missed any, no worries!

This book is so hot, dangerous, and action packed! I'm enjoying writing their story and I hope you enjoy reading it! Best part is the story is FREE!


Okay now for the juicy life dirt...kinda juicy anyways lol.

Did I say I never thought I'd be dating again? I really never thought I would be. When I got married to my ex-husband, I thought we were forever. I'm a diehard romantic, always have been so when Adam swept me off my feet and we had children together, I thought I had it all. The life I've always wanted. When life got hard, stressors we didn't see coming pulling us in every direction, and various other issues, our life crumbled.

My ex had a major mental illness that he just didn't take care of. He was in denial and this affected his entire life. He wouldn't even be able to work and here I was taking care of the kids, working full time plus a second job, and taking care of the house and everything that comes along with running a family. He didn't help, didn't work much, and while he did stay home with the kids often saving us babysitting costs, he wasn't a very involved parent and slept a lot.

It was like living with someone who has an addiction whether it be drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, whatever. When it takes over your life, it creeps its way into every aspect of it. And unless you seek active help and accept and admit you have a problem, it will continue to swallow you whole.

I tried helping him so many times until I couldn't anymore. I was worn down and broken. My love for him was broken. He became another child for me to take care of and that's sad. I needed a partner, to help me support the house and raise the kids. To be a solid unit, a team.

So things ended and my life went into a tailspin because it didn't end well or easy.

Now I was left with all the problems I've had with no help but also no one to care for the children. Meaning more daycare and longer days.

We did it though and we've come far.

6 months later and here I am now wanting to date again.

A huge part of me dreaded it. But I love love. I want love. I want a man to help me and be a partner with me. Everything I've always wanted but didn't get.

I met Kyle and I was swept off my feet. He seemed great at first and I felt like a million bucks. But then the lies came out, the issues with the children happened (he didn't have kids nor could he even remotely understand them or try to anyway), and the truth of his drinking problem came to light. I was broken hearted and miserable. It hurt.

So I took a break for a while and then decided to casual date. It didn't work for me in college, I'm too much of a romantic and a Cancer, but I thought maybe it'd be different now that I'm older, I have kids, and I don't want the extra drama. I have enough.

Didn't work either. I get too stuck on one guy and feel weird talking to others. If I had sex, I felt even more stuck on that one guy. I have too strong of emotions. And if he rejected me after a night of sex and treated me like a hookup, I felt even worse.

So I was about to give up when I began talking to Bill.

He's one of the most amazing people I've ever met. We clicked from day one (after meeting on Christmas night of all days lol) and we haven't looked back since. He's a hardworking loyal man who had a shitty first marriage and just wants to find the woman of his dreams to spend the rest of his life with. Same as me. He's a Cancer and just as sensitive and emotional as I can be. (Not in a woman way, tho, he understands my stupid shit).

I hope the future will be ours. I want to enjoy my forties traveling, writing, and meeting new readers and I want him by my side.

Love is crazy isn't it? Probably why none of us can stop reading or writing it hahaha

Till next time



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