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New release date! Plus other stuff...


*Wondering when the next chapter of Twisted Fate is arriving? Well it’s been put on a slight hold while I finish Crashing Together. I will be releasing two more chapters this month.

*After my release on May 30th of Crashing Together, I’ll be putting out chapters 9-10 and then I’ll be releasing the book mid summer.

*A summer beach anthology is coming out mid summer that I’m in with a bunch of other cool authors so stay tuned for that!

*For the fall, I’m planning on releasing Long Road Home and I have a couple other surprises up my sleeve!

Thank you for sticking with me during my rough divorce. I can’t wait to finally give my all with this business I started 2 years ago and don’t want to give up on in any way.

Stay tuned for release celebrations and giveaways all coming up through the month of May!!

Crashing Together- Coming 5/30/19

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It’s an age old story….

A summer fling….

A temporary thing…

His name was Cole and I couldn’t resist him. He was everything a girl could want in a summer romance. A hot, tanned, surfer with blonde hair and blue eyes... oh and let’s not forget about all those muscles and the six-pack I couldn’t stop staring at.

We agreed to just sex. Lots of sex. Lots of fun. No titles, no relationship, and certainly no love.

Until the sex started to feel like something else.

Something more..

Something way more…

But for him?

It was still just sex.

Until it wasn’t.

Until everything we didn’t mean to build unraveled in a heap of secrets, lies, and broken trust.

We came crashing together but will our summer fling survive the waves?

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