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Sneak Peek of Crashing Together and..

And info about my upcoming Newsletter Story!

GUYS! So much exciting stuff is happening.

I just posted a super hot sneak peek of Crashing Together in my Facebook reader's group. Want to read it? Come join us over there! There's always fun stuff going on including teasers, giveaways, exclusive sneak peeks, and so much more!!

Click HERE to join Lyssa's Lustful Beauties and read the hot sneak peek!

A little tease....

**NOT Edited, subject to change

Sneak Peek

“You don’t do relationships at all?” He shakes his head, his long sandy locks falling across his blue eyes. Could he look any more beach like? Sand sticks to his chest and my fingers itch to brush it off. “No, I told you that.” He chews his bottom lip before turning back to his surf board.

Keep reading....HERE!!

AHHHH! Do you see that banner? It is fire! I love this couple so much...his darker skin, her red hair, its soooo hot!!

The story has to do with two brothers, one sexy woman, and lots of sex, crime, emotional angst, and of course love.

This is a newsletter exclusive story where 1 chapter will be released every week for free until the story is later on published into a full length novel. This is unedited and subject to change before publishing. It'll only be available to NL subscribers so if you're not signed up for my NL you can do so here!

First chapter is releasing soon...don't miss it!!

My dating blog post will be up soon! More on Kyle, my adventures after him, and my boyfriend now who gave me hope in love again.



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