Collide, Book 2 of the Sierra Cove Series

Book 2 Collide ebook.jpg

Release Date: 12/8/22

Genre: Steamy New Adult Romance

Tropes: Brother's best friend, childhood crush, love after loss

Collide is Book 2 in the new Sierra Cove Series and features Madison & Asher's Romance.

You know those special crushes you get as a teen? The ones that keep you awake at night and dreaming during the day?
Yeah, the soul-sucking kind.
But all they ever are is a crush. 
Especially since mine is my brother's best friend. 
He’s always there. So hard to forget, so hard to resist. 
But I see the looks. I feel the heat from his stare and catch the glimpses he thinks no one sees.   
Asher Russell, is the boy I want but can never have. The boy who is off limits. The boy I never stop thinking about.
Yet, after an unexpected tragedy crushes our world, it leaves us colliding in ways we never thought before. 
How will I stay away when he is the only one who shares my pain?

All books will be standalones, and while the series will be more enjoyable if read in order, the books can be read as complete standalone stories.

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